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Netflix’s Modest Fashion Episode

Netflix is the epitome of home entertainment and is forever lighting up our screens with binge worthy shows. “Follow This” is a new docu-series in which BuzzFeed reporters highlight a variety of modern world issues and topics including science, culture, technology and health. This highly educational series is an easy and addictive watch, but one episode, in particular, caught our attention.

Episode 3, entitled “Covered-Up Couture” follows BuzzFeed journalist Iya Oge into, what was once seen as a “religious niche”, but now a $250 billion modest fashion industry. Attending events along the way such as the International Modest Fashion and Design Festival (IMFDF) in Toronto, Oge explores the workings of the industry and how it covers much more than just religious requirements.

Covered Up Couture

Iya speaks to important female leaders in the modest fashion industry including Reina Lewis, a professor at the London College of Fashion and author of Modest Fashion: Styling Bodies, Mediating Faith and Muslim Fashion: Contemporary Style Cultures, Ontario-based Muslim blogger Daniela Biah, and Lisa Vogl, designer of modest fashion label Verona Collection, in this episode, which is a forward move in support of those who choose to dress modestly.

Reina Lewis told the BuzzFeed journalist, “What I hear from women is that it is just as wrong to compel a woman to cover … as it is to force her to uncover,” as she referred to the moral behind the industry's origin.

On Netflix now - it most certainly is worth a watch.

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