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Did You Know These Arab Celebrities Are the Same Age?

Haifa Wehbe

Would you have known that these actors and singers not only share a generation with one another but also their age? Scroll down to see if you would have guessed that these artists were born within just a few weeks from each other:

Elham and Sahar (left to right)

Egyptian actresses Sahar Ramy (June 20th, 1961) and Elham Shahin (January 3rd, 1961) are both 58 years old.

George and Abdallah (left to right)

Singers Abdullah Ruwaished (July 18th, 1961) and Georges Wassouf (December 23rd, 1961) are both 57 years old.

Ahlam and Asala (left to right)

Musical artist Assala Mostafa Hatem Nasri, better known as Assala, (May 15th, 1969) and Bahraini–Emirati singer Ahlam Ali Al Shamsi, commonly known as Ahlam (February 13th, 1969) are almost the exact same age; both artists are 49 years old.

Majida and Lucy (left to right)

Lebanese singers Majida El Roumi (December 13, 1956) and Lucy (1956) are both 61 years old.

Nawal and Carole (left to right)

Until a few weeks ago, the actress, singer and performer Carole Samaha (July 25, 1972) and pop singer Nawal El Zoghbi (29 June 1971) were both 46 years old.

Haifa and Diana (left to right)

The Lebanese-Egyptian singer and actress Haifa Wehbe (March 10, 1976) and Lebanese singer and television personality Diana Haddad (October 1, 1976) are both 42 years old.

Cyrine and Zahra (left to right)

Lebanese singer, actress, and model Cyrine Abdelnour (February 21, 1977) and Bahraini actress Zahra Arafat (November 8, 1977) are 41 years old.

Myriam and Yara (left to right)

And lastly: Lebanese singer, dancer, actress and entertainer Myriam Fares (May 3, 1983) and Lebanese singer Carla Nazih al-Berkashi, mainly known as Yara, (June 1, 1983) are both 35 years old.

Were you close or did their youthful nature trick you a little bit? While some of these Arab celebrities have enjoyed the spotlight for longer than others, and despite how some may push boundaries, they’re all undoubtedly very talented artists and will hopefully continue to entertain us with their music and acting for a long time to come.

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