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Celebrities Celebrate Old Headshot Day with the Best Throwback Pictures

We can’t get enough of these childhood gems posted by actors, musicians and comedians for #oldheadshotday.

Thanks to the viral Twitter hashtag #OldHeadshotDay we got to see what some of the world’s most recognisable people looked like before they got famous. To celebrate the social media holiday on April 27, celebrities like Natalie Portman, Viola Davis and Ben Stiller dug through their old photos to post their first headshots. And there’s nothing like cute, cringe-worthy or hilarious throwback photos to get those comments rolling. While sharing the nostalgia, just like lots of regular folk, it was refreshing to see the stars had awkward stages like everyone else. It was also great to see their sense of humour shine through as they made jokes about their expressions, mismatched outfits and looking au natural.

There were some really adorable posts, including Emma Watson wearing a pink woolen baker’s hat, captioning it: “I’m REALLY glad this picture of me wearing a baker’s hat exists!” A sassy 12-year-old Reese Witherspoon grinning while holding a parasol and wearing cut-off denim overalls got us feeling like it’s Friday, while Danielle Fishel and Chloë Grace Moretz’s precious shots were also gorgeous. Even though beautiful too, Jennifer Garner and Penelope Cruz showed us a more serious side. And in the name of entertainment, others posted some ever-so-slightly awkward or embarrassing snaps. What’s more, you get to see why heartthrobs like Matt Damon (posted by buddy Ben Affleck) Gerard Butler and Joe Manganiello (those blue eyed stares, though) started stealing hearts at a young age.

Scroll through to take a walk down celebrity memory lane, and just like us, you’ll be seriously itching to see the ones posted next year.


Thank you to the person who made sure that one strand of hair was perfectly out of place. #OldHeadshotDay

Une publication partagée par Gerard Butler (@gerardbutler) le

Gerard Butler 


Just to help , I’m actually pointing my head out for you for #OldHeadshotsday

Une publication partagée par Russell Crowe (@russellcrowe) le

Russell Crowe 


I was feeling myself during this shoot. #OldHeadshotDay

Une publication partagée par Viola Davis (@violadavis) le

Viola Davis 


I’m REALLY glad this picture of me wearing a baker’s hat exists! #oldheadshotday

Une publication partagée par Emma Watson (@emmawatson) le

Emma Watson 


Baby me #OldHeadshotDay

Une publication partagée par Natalie Portman (@natalieportman) le

Natalie Portman 


Better late than never. Swipe left for my attempt at side ponies, attitude, and a bit of croquet. #oldheadshotday

Une publication partagée par kristen bell (@kristenanniebell) le

Kristen Bell 

Penelope Cruz 


Serving Prince George looks since ‘95... am I a royal now?? #firstheadshot

Une publication partagée par Sarah Hyland (@sarahhyland) le

Sarah Hyland 


If you can’t handle my scowling headshot you don’t deserve my tiny cowboy hat headshot #firstheadshot

Une publication partagée par Melissa McCarthy (@melissamccarthy) le

Melissa McCarthy 

Reese Witherspoon 


#OldHeadShot Oh myyyyyyy... I had NO clue and SO many f's to give#25Playing15

Une publication partagée par Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion) le

Gabrielle Union 


#OldHeadShotDay Circa 5 years old

Une publication partagée par Chloe Grace Moretz (@chloegmoretz) le

Chloë Grace Moretz 


Ben Stiller 


#OldHeadShotDay Circa: 2000: Becky Thurner

Une publication partagée par Joe Manganiello (@joemanganiello) le

Joe Manganiello 


Tori Spelling 

Busy Philipps 


I guess it #oldheadshotday ? Lol here’s a few of my best

Une publication partagée par Vanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens) le

Vanessa Hudgens 


I know this is a day late, but Matt isn't on Instagram so thought I'd help him out. #OldHeadshotDay

Une publication partagée par Ben Affleck (@benaffleck) le

Matt Damon 


Why so serious, twenty two year old Jen? #oldheadshotday #1994 #

Une publication partagée par Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner) le

Jennifer Garner 

Danielle Fishel 

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