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Razan Alazzouni’s Designs Are Proof That You Should Get Your Fashion Fix Locally

Razan Alazzouni

Razan Alazzouni is a breath of fresh air. Though she was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, her SS17 designs will transport you to beautiful gardens and spring days. Fresh, floral themes and off-the-shoulder tops recall old Spanish style with a modern twist, refreshing a tried and true style.

Her designs are billed as exuding femininity, delicacy and grace. That’s exactly what they do, with delicate colours, flower embroidery, and even a little bit of sparkle for that special night out.

But don’t go in expecting all-beige outfits that lack creativity. Alazzouni blends classic looks with a playful sense of style to craft designs that stand out for their uniqueness without overwhelming your fashion sense.

Her Instagram account is a rich source of sartorial inspiration, whether you’re getting ready for a regular day or looking for a glam look – her 420,000 followers probably agree!

She has dressed the likes of Emma Roberts and Elizabeth Banks before, so she has been getting international attention. Though Lebanon is the Middle Eastern country most famous for its fashion designers, Saudi Arabia remains a clear contender. You can get red carpet quality looks from the Kingdom, and you can even shop Alazzouni’s collections online.

But she wasn’t always in the fashion industry. Her background is in sculpture, screen printing and paper making. That may seem irrelevant to fashion design, but her works aren’t just clothes to her – you may as well call her a sculptor.

“I think of my clothing as sculptures,” she told Sketchbook Magazine. “I love playing with light and layering, beading and embroidery. I love the way they create reflections and give dimension to the clothing; it’s this play with light and depth that turn them into sculptural pieces that tell a story.”

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