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20 Incredible Photographs Taken In Saudi Arabia

Situated in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia should be known for its beautiful valleys, stunning mountain views, the Red Sea beaches and surrounding islands. The Kingdom has 13 provinces and each one has something incredible about it. From vast deserts of fine sand and plentiful oases, to ancient forts and some of nature’s most incredible miracles, Saudi Arabia has an abundance of spectacular tourist spots, architecture and lands that are yet to be discovered.

Click ‘Begin Slideshow’ below to see 20 of the most stunning photographs from the kingdom that show you why Saudi Arabia should be on your bucket list.

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Al Ula
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Al Uqair Fort Saudi
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Alqan Saudi
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Amlaj Saudi Arabia
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Barika Badr Saudi
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Elephant Rock Saudi
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Farasan Island
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Fayidi Saudi
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Free Beach Saudi
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Jazan Province
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Jeddah Seafront
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Kaaba - Mecca
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Kharsan Saudi
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Masjid Al Haram
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North Kingdom Saudi
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Ola Mount Warah
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Omar Ibn Al Khattab Mosque
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Riyadh City
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Snow in Tabuk Saudi
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