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Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly Restaurants in KSA

Being vegan sometimes means getting dirty looks when you ask about animal products on a restaurant’s menu. Finding totally vegan restaurants in KSA is near impossible, but these restaurants will keep you full and happy.

Boga, Jeddah
This restaurant is great for people looking to eat healthily, with plenty of plants and vegetables on the menu. Vegetarian sandwiches and a few vegan options make this an ideal place for people avoiding animal products.

Al Nakheel, Jeddah
Traditional Hejazi food doesn’t seem vegetarian and vegan-friendly, but you’d be surprised. Foul Hijazi is a tasty vegan option, and the staff are happy to alter some foods to suit your needs. Moutabbak, which normally has vegetables, egg and meat, can be ordered with extra vegetables and no animal products.

Eash Bellaham, Jeddah
Tons and tons of pies. Spinach, cheese and anything else you can think of. Make sure to ask them what goes into the pie you’re eyeing, and then enjoy. They’re so tasty, you’ll probably eat at least three or four of the mini ones.

Aryaas, Jeddah
This Indo-Chinese restaurant serves meat, but has vegetarian and vegan options. Masala dosa, idli, uttappam, and onion rava are all on the menu. You can also end your meal with chicory flavored coffee.

Full Tames Hijaze, Jeddah
Vegans can enjoy Arabic food at this restaurant. One of our favourites is addas, a traditional Arabic lentil dish. Glaba, a bean foul, is also good and totally vegan-safe.

Just Falafel, Riyadh
Arab street food at its finest. This restaurant sometimes uses animal products in toppings, but if you mention that you’re vegan they’ll be happy to comply. Just Falafel has many locations in the city, so you can get your comfort food on the go.

Ekhyal Bakery, Riyadh
This vegan bakery service specializes in cookies. It’s delivery-only, so it doesn’t have a location, but that makes it perfect for movie night with the family.

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