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This Woman Created a Retail Truck That Brings Abayas Right To Your Door

Model in Abaya

Going out shopping is usually a hassle – you have to find a ride there, wade through crowds and you might not even find what you want. Well, shopping for abayas just got a lot easier, thanks to a Saudi designer.

Manar Al Rawi decided that she didn’t want to sell her abayas in a regular store, and opted for an unusual space instead – a truck. But she did it for a good reason.

“Women have often to deal with difficulties to move and reach traditional shops and boutiques and they also have an issue with not having enough time,” Manar said to Okaz, a Saudi daily.

The company’s motto is “your abaya at your door,” and Al Rawi takes her designs to women’s doorsteps to give them the most convenient fashion experience. Some might think that online shopping is the best solution, but this concept has some perks.

When you shop online, you’re taking a risk on size and fit – maybe the design isn’t as nice in person as it is in the photos, or the material isn’t as high quality as you think it is.

Manar Al Rawi poses next to her retail truck

With Al Rawi’s van, not only do you shop from home, but you can also try your abayas on and get a feel for their style and design in person. Most importantly, you’re face to face with the saleswoman, so you can ask questions or make requests easily.

But the clothes aren’t the only things designed by a Saudi woman – the truck was designed by Jawaher Mirawi.

“Our team of eight technicians and designers wanted to build a truck that would create a genuine comfort zone for the clients,” she told Gulf News. “This is the first abaya truck in Saudi Arabia and it features from 80 to 100 abayas. It also has a fitting room.”

Now, let’s be honest, doesn’t that sound better than most stores at the mall?

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