Best Nail Colours for Your Skin Tone

Are you wearing the right coloured nail lacquer?

All nail polishes are feminine and beautiful in their own way and help to make your hands more attractive. However, not all of them are necessarily the top choice for you as different skin tones look their best alongside certain colours.

Light Skin Tones
With a pale skin complexion it’s important to find colours that complement, rather than making you look washed out. Here’s a selection of hues:

Nude: Nude polishes top the list, but picking out the right tint for you is definitely a trial-and-error process. Try a sheer pink nude rather than a beige, which could end up looking yellowish.

Red: While buying this classic colour, make sure to hold it up to the light. If you can see through it, you know it’s going to be sheer. Choose a blue-toned red to enhance your fair complexion.

Pink: When it comes to this pretty colour, women with light skin tones have many options. Sheer pinks or bright fuchsias with cool undertones are great choices.

Purple: Pastel lavenders look amazing on fair skin, but be wary of the amount of white the shade has in it. By doing that, you ensure it won’t look more white than lilac against your skin.

Blue: You may be tempted to go for cobalt, but if you have a light skin tone, navy is a fun option. That’s especially pertinent if you have a warm undertone as you can’t go wrong.

Medium-Olive Skin Tones
Medium skin tones vary - from a bronzy glow to olive - and that can have an effect on the colours that suit you the most. However, these nail polish picks are generally flattering:

Nude: Unlike fair skin, which might make you lean towards something with a pinkish hint, a medium skin tone can handle a bit more beige, even if it is a yellow-based hue.

Red: Orange reds might dominate your lipstick collection, but they can work just as well with your nails, too. Choose a red that has a touch of orange to it, or with gold undertones as it will bring out this kind of  complexion’s natural glow.

Pink: Peachy pinks are really flattering if you are in this category. Look for polishes that are sheer, yet pigmented for an appropriate summertime look.

Blue: While medium skin tones can look good in pastel blues, an intense sky blue is an even more flattering choice. Make sure any shade you choose has enough pigment in it to stand out against your skin, especially if you have warm undertones.

Purple: This regal colour isn’t only meant for eyeshadow options; as it turns out purple polish is super versatile. Stay away from pastels with a white base and pick something with more pigment, like a deep grape shade.

Dark Skin Tones
Complement your dark skin tone with nail polishes that offer high impact colour. While every shade looks incredible on dark skin, these are the best:

Pink: If you have dark skin, stay away from light, baby pinks and go for popping neons and bright fuchsias.

Purple: Pastel and dark purples look super with this skin type. Try a universal shade that is darker, like berry.

Blue: Choose the brightest cobalt shades, which really stand out against your skin. If you a want baby blue, make sure there isn’t too much of a white undertone in it.

Nude: Pick cream and beige nail polishes with sheer, jelly formulas.

Red: Almost every red looks amazing with dark skin tones, specifically deep reds and rich gemstone shades.

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