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Handy-Apps: The Apps You’ll Need for a Healthy Body and Mind

Technology is a wonderful thing and don’t we know it, especially when it allows us to use a filter to make ourselves prettier or simply add a flower crown whilst making our faces look slimmer. However, as fun as it can be, it can in equal measures, improve our mental and physical health.

Mental health is just as important as how we maintain our bodies and it is absolutely vital to have a strong understanding of how we feel and to combat feelings of anxiety, depression amongst others in order to maintain a balance.

This is where we can make use of these handy apps, especially if you’re not sure of where to turn for help with a rested mind, a work out or improving eating habits.

This self-care app has a celebrity following and helps you to improve your happiness, mental wellbeing and productivity by sending you daily tips, articles and motivations as well as meditation techniques.

It will most certainly boost your mental metabolism and help you to Shine.

My Fitness Pal
Let’s face it, this one is one of the old ones that we all know about – but still remains a firm favorite.

My Fitness Pal is super easy to use and helps track what you eat, how much exercise you’re doing, and how much water you’re drinking. It also helps to reach your personal weight goals and figure out your food portions and the calories they contain! So we can spend less time fretting about it and using unfathomable math formulas to figure out how much salt to use in your salad, and use this app instead!

Headspace is the original meditation app and is extremely well known for its correlation with other relaxation techniques including ones similar to ‘Mindfulness’. The Headspace app has hundreds of meditation exercises to choose from including ones that can help you target anxiety, stress and even insomnia.

If journaling is something that has been recommended to you to help remember moments, feelings, or to rid yourself of negative energies, Daylio is the one for you.

Using personalized icons, it aids you to track your mood and what you did in a day and while you can add notes – hardly any typing is required. You just select the relevant icons.

It’s an easy way to deal with moods and create healthy habits for yourself.

Nike Training Club
Nike is the ultimate in sportswear, for all types of sports and is a brand that is seen almost everywhere. Wanting you to become part of Nike’s philosophy and lifestyle, the Nike Training Club app features over 100 workouts from top well-known athletes and trainers. It’s so advanced that the audio and video clips per workout ensure that you are doing the movements correctly, and you can pick a workout that fits in with your schedule. Furthermore, yes there’s a bit more, this fitness app creates a personalized training plan for you – so you have a free personal trainer! What a win!

Ada – created by doctors and scientists so that you no longer have to google or search WebMD for your symptoms. This app has been designed to give you an assessment report based on your answers to physical, behavioral and emotional questions. It adapts as you answer to ask questions most relevant to what you may be experiencing so that you know exactly what is up!

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