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Glitterwatt Your Way through Wedding Season with the Glitterage Hair Trend

The temporary sparkly hair trend is perfect for all those unicorn and mermaid lovers who have wedding parties coming up!

Balayage, the popular colour treatment that creates those gorgeous, low maintenance, super natural highlights loved by A-listers, has been given a magical, sparkly makeover with glitterage. Balayage, which means 'to sweep,' is meant to create a subtle look, but glitterage somewhat turns it on its head. Instead of the ash blonde or honey hues used in balayage, glitter and hair gel is hand-painted on the hair in a similar way. And whether you choose to go for a bolder look or just want to add some standout strands, it’s an absolutely divine look for any big night out.

Danielle Wade, an American hairstylist created the technique, which has become one of the year’s biggest trends. Colorado-based Wade first introduced the eye-popping look, which she describes as a styling process rather than a colouring process, when she showed a video on her Instagram account of her dipping a woman’s hair in gorgeous blue-teal glitter hues. It was a technique she created from playing around in the Asteria hair salon. “It was a happy accident that it turned out to be really awesome. I had the idea of balayageing hair glitter onto the hair,“ the balayage specialist told “Marie Claire” magazine.

The amazing thing about glitterage is how versatile the process is. Hairdressers can play around with glitter options, using any colours from dazzling silvers and rose golds to the mermaid-like blues in the video, and the possibilities are limitless. There simply isn’t a wrong way of rocking it. You can style your hair before or after and make some adjustments at the end.  What’s more, it’s completely commitment free as you can easily shampoo it out. 

Perhaps the only downside is the aftermath. If you’re up for trying vibrant and playful glitterage, try and find a way to leave a minimal trail of shiny flecks everywhere you go.

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