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Prama’s Your Best Bet to Get Fit as a Family

The flashing lights and blaring music give this high-intensity workout a games arcade vibe, making it a fun-filled way for the whole family to get fit together.

The incredible LED lighting and booming music help Parma, which is suitable for all ages, body types and levels, provide thrilling fitness sessions that will surely help you reach your wellbeing goals. As well as strengthening all major muscle groups in the body, this exercise programme is super interactive, immersive and fun-filled, making it the perfect way to turn your family members into fitness fanatics.

A unique Spanish concept, Prama is a high-intensity training system that makes the most of organised and optimised spatial references on floors and walls. Circuit-based training comes to life with flashing lights, sounds and touch-sensitive flooring and walls, making bounding through the different stations feel like an arcade-like or video game, the perfect way to get your kids (and the kid in your partner) moving.

As well as experiencing an adrenaline rush, the fitness craze that’s a far cry from rowing machines, exercise bikes and treadmills, improves muscle memory, endurance and strength. Zipping through the countless different exercises with the help of interactive flooring and brightly coloured lights to guide you through all the moves also develops balance, speed, dexterity and reaction time. And if you’re hoping to lose a few kilos before the summer holidays, one of the high-energy sessions, which provides complete cardio conditioning and works the whole body, allows you to burn up to 1,000 calories.


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During the 45-minute sessions a computer sets different levels at each section of the pressure-sensitive floor and walls that show grids, patterns and numbers, so different age groups and levels of fitness can exercise at the same time, but with customised goals. What’s more, the computer monitors participants’ heart rates and tracks your progress, including the speed and strength of your movements.


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