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5 Arab Start Up Companies To Watch Out for This Year

The Middle East is a hot bed of unique startups and is flourishing by the second with tech-preneurs with an insane amount of imagination.

As the tech movement continues to progress on a global scale, young business-minded tech fanatics are finding creative ways to make life just that little bit easier.

2017 saw the MENA region receive over $560million in investments and it is recorded that in 2016, much of the investments went into UAE based start-ups. These are the 5 exciting startups we’ll most certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for…


UAE based, SwitchDXB is a health, and fitness mobile app that encourages you to try new and exciting things which will help you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Creating a directory of fitness and wellness classes, you will be spoilt for choice, whether you’re a Cross Fit enthusiast or prefer a calming yoga session, the app allows you to book and pay for classes on demand.

Amal Glass

This is one of the most fascinating startups to be looking out for – if you can. Amal Glasses is a ‘smart equipment’ constructed on artificial intelligence. The product itself combines the technology of 25 devices for blind people in order to assist them, into one pair of glasses.

The glasses will contain the world’s first ever app store for blind people.


If food wastage is a bug bear for you as much as it is for us, BonApp is going to be right up your street.

The innovative idea offers a simple solution to a global environmental issue, which is food waste.

BonApp’s company goal is a clear one, and that is to encourage less waste and to value food as something that shouldn’t be thrown away.

Using this app aids restaurants in reducing their food waste by selling the excess food that they would have thrown away, to customers at a discounted cost.


Brapp is an app and a website to connect music lovers around the world. The idea of the app is to enable musicians, singers, rappers and producers to connect in a way that has no geographical, musical or financial barriers.

The creators believed in creating a free and powerful recording app to let anyone connect and collaborate on music projects. How it works? Any kind of music producer can upload their instrumentals and then anyone can use the app to record one minute videos on top, enhance the recording using powerful studio effects, and share with their followers on Brapp and across other social networks. If you’re a Jennifer Lopez in the making, this is the one for you!


Having launched last year, Flochat is a messenger platform that allows it’s users to chat, book, buy, browse and share content within the messaging app.

It has combined services with other popular apps including Zomato, Uber and YouTube.

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