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Anita Sondore: Jewellery with an Energetic Message

By observing everyday stories and turning them into jewellery, Anita Savicka encapsulates all the magic that happens around us.

Anita Sondore

As well as her birth year, the Creator of Anita Sondore jewellery, Anita Savicka, chose to embellish the company’s branding with the key message behind her creations: Court Painter. The inventive Latvian feels her work is similar to those who used to record important historical events, faces and moods in their paintings for royalty and nobility. However, while presenting all these in today’s world, she carves and fires, using unusual tools like metal, silver, gold, amber and emeralds, instead of an easel and paint.

Savicka, who is inspired by just about everything, refined her skills with the Ermini family in Rome, Italy, The Auzers Jewelry Art Centre in Latvia and the Parisian brand, Van Cleef & Arpels. However, her grandfather was an esteemed blacksmith and that’s where the essence of her talent comes from. By incorporating bold and striking designs, with their imperial influences and modern touches, with the highest level of quality metals, diamonds and precious coloured gemstones, she has made the brand go from strength to strength.

'Confidence' rings

We caught up with Savicka to ask her how her award-winning jewellery is evolving, to name her favourite piece from her last collection and describe a fond memory from her early design days. We also ask her about why she feels Dubai is the perfect place for Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lane, the modest fashion event that gives you the chance to discover her collections if you happen to be in Dubai.

How would you describe the fashion ‘era’ we currently inhabit? 
This is a great time, when personality can really blossom. I feel that individuality is appreciated and welcomed.    

Modest fashion has been described as one of the most important trends of our decade. Where do you see this trend go?
Modest fashion customers are growing, and fashion brands see the huge potential of this market, and therefore put their efforts to discover and be the part of it. We have witnessed the growth of this movement as the idea of modest fashion has caught the interest of big brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, DKNY, Oscar de la Renta and many more. 


Tell us a bit about your jewellery brand. What is its imagery inspired by?
Anita Sondore jewellery is inspired by the opulence of northern Europe's imperial cultural heritage but interpreted with a modern sensibility. My calling is to be alert, enthusiastic and to see the unusual, capture the magic in everything, to let unseen and serendipitous things take place. My mission is to generate more beauty in the world and nature has given us the inner strength to do that, deep knowledge of healing, mystic and magic powers.

Jewellery is often considered to be timeless. How do your creations evolve with time? Do trends and seasons affect you?
My creations tell contemporary stories, and capture our time through pieces that will endure from generation to generation, like a mirror of time. Through the jewellery I create, I talk about my time where there is diversity and contrast, from deep harmony to whirling wind. 

'Royale Fire Stone' brooch

At the core of your design is a craft you inherited from your family. What is a fond memory you have of your first days creating jewellery?
At the very beginning of studying silversmith/goldsmith, I decided to make a ring with a snake. But I lacked practical skills at that time, so the snake was burned and divided into two pieces because of too much fire on the metal. To save the piece and hide the damage, I added several roses to the design. That was the first time that my tutor called me an artist.

Who are the designers / brands that inspire you?
I adore Ellie Saab creations, and I love timeless pieces from Suzanne Belperron, Lorenz Bäumer and Prada.

'Sounds of Silence' ring

What is your favourite piece from your last collection?
Spring delivers romantic vibes, so I have created some flowers and added some rubies to stackable rings for the latest collection, called “Confidence.”

What is your motto in life? 
Everything is possible.

"Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing." (Muhammad Ali) 

Why do you think Dubai is the perfect place for the revolutionary Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lane?
Dubai is famous for being a leading shopping destination, and modest fashion plays an important role in the local fashion scene. I look forward to discovering the other designers and getting to know more about the local scene.

Anita Sondore will be showing her collections at the Latvian Pavilion at the Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lane, the leading revolutionary event dedicated to modest fashion. The event is taking place at Dubai, City Walk 2, from March 28 to April 2. To RSVP, click here:

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