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Mvzlamic: The Female Artist Making Representation Matter

Meet Mvzlamic; the female comic artist who ridicules the stereotypical view of Muslims in the UK.

Her Instagram page is quickly winning our hearts with her illustrations that dispel the misconceptions about Muslim life in the west.

Her “woke” insta-stories and approach to a wide range of issues and situations women in the Muslim world face daily make us belly laugh since they’re so relatable. From the light hearted stuff, like posing for the perfect hijab selfie to the more serious topics like confronting racism, Mvzlamic is another artist who creatively aims to eradicate the stereotypical views much of the world has about Muslim women.

She told, “My identity is the driving force behind my content; my experiences as a Muslim woman of color fuel my thoughts. Every piece is about making Muslims, particularly women in our faith, feel happier, safer, seen, heard, validated and humanized.”

Admitting how different she is now from her teenage years where she was a “hijab-wearing punk rock fangirl that dreamt of eloping with a famous guitarist”, the artist is a firm believer that representation matters, “Positive representation in the arts is necessary for the betterment of the lives of minorities who are constantly misunderstood.”

Hence, creating the hilariously entertaining, yet educational comics we can’t get enough of!

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