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Luxury Meets Comfort At The Merit Royal Hotel in Cyprus

Tourists and visitors from the Arab world to Northern Cyprus have a date with a majestic and luxury stay at the MERIT ROYAL HOTEL, about 7 km away from the ancient historic city of Girne. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia.

And once tourists set foot on the threshold of the MERIT ROYAL HOTEL, they can only imagine the myth of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of beauty who draws its beauty from the beauty of the island of Cyprus. Furthermore, their eyes will be dazzled and amazed from the splendor of the premises with its exquisite, distinctive interior décor and the natural flowers and roses filling every corner of the place.

The hotel location oversees the ancient city of Girne, about 40 km from Ercan International Airport by car. It offers new levels of luxury, and breathtaking view on the sea.

The Ultimate Favorite Destination for Arab Tourists
MERIT ROYAL HOTEL has become the favorite destination for the elite of guests, especially travelers and tourists from the Arab countries who find comfort when staying in it. The five-star hotel, which heads the list of hotels in Northern Cyprus, quickly became the favorite destination for frequent travelers, offering a relaxed atmosphere amidst interiors with contemporary art pieces. Guests can also shop from the free market and a number of fashion and jewelry boutiques.

Hotel Sections
The hotel has about 125 rooms, with the fifth floor being the most luxurious. It consists of 71 rooms (Standard Room) with an area of about 3.3 square meters, in addition to 36 luxurious suites, each measuring 6.6 square meters and 16 (King Suite) suites with an area of 14 square meters each equipped with a private Jacuzzi and two bathrooms. . The Royal Suite is 26 m² in size, equipped with a Turkish bath and a sauna.

All rooms in the main section of the hotel have balconies on the sea or pool view, and each room is equipped with smart room automation.

The Restaurants
Meals are served on buffet, morning, noon and evening. Restaurants include the Royal Restaurant, Bella Merit Italian Restaurant , Dragon and Blue Sea Restaurant. As for the meals, they mostly include specialties of the Northern Cyprus cuisine (grilled haloumi, malukhya, kulokas, brocca, pasta in the oven, Shevtali  kebabs, harissa kebabs in addition to sausage, kofta, balousa and milk pie), not to mention of course natural juices prepared in front of the guests.

The Spa & Wellness Center
Your stay at the MERIT ROYAL HOTEL is never complete and fabulous without the experience of our Turkish baths and the Asian therapies at the spa. For sports lovers however, the gym is equipped with the state- of – the- art fitness equipment under the supervision of well-trained coach who is always present to offer help if needed.

The MERIT ROYAL HOTEL offers free shuttle services for guests from the airport to the hotel, and vice versa.

Photographer: zobian saad

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