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Life in Abha: Through the Eyes of Saudi Photographer Mona Abdullah

The moods and emotions of any dwelling cannot be felt by just passing through it or crossing its roads without listening to the stories of its habitants. However, we may be able to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere and observe it’s culture from a different perspective through the eye of a camera lens.

Mona Abdullah, a 21 year old Saudi Arabian photographer, was born with the innate talent of listening to the narratives of places and the lives of their inhabitants, and capturing it all by taking pictures.

You can almost hear the voice of her camera, clicking away and capturing the beauty of life around her in her hometown which sits atop a pyramid in one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia, Abha in Asir Province.

Mona, a student at Al Ghad International College for Health Sciences has had a passion for short films and photography since she was seventeen. With her most recent body of work, shared with, she wants to convey the beauty of Abha, where she was raised, to the world. Mona’s aim is to communicate the beauty of Abha, its nature and how it is a city filled with art, urbanism, movement and life.

"I passed through places I never knew before and this made me love Abha ever more, especially that it is full of stunning nature and real atmosphere. I watched the movement of its people and felt the rhythm of the city, heard narratives of places and saw the beauty of winter clouds. The fact that Abha has not yet been explored by travelers, makes me want to convey a message through my photographs, to invite people to explore Abha’s fabulous beauty”, Mona shared with

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