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The Summer Body Inspirations That Will Have You Running To the Gym

Zahra Lari

Working out feels like a chore at the best of times, and finding the time even more so. Trawling through Instagram doesn’t help our case either as we become torn between the #foodporn posts which make us go “YOLO!” as we tuck into a burger, fries, and an ice cream shake at SALT, and the celeb bodies we all wish we had. What's a girl to do?

Doesn’t look like we need to look too far from home to inspire our summer bodies. The UAE is home to a plethora of inspirational fitness girls who are breaking boundaries whilst encouraging a natural and healthy lifestyle and physique and we want to follow suite!

They make a hand stand look like a piece of cake and can run 10k without breaking a sweat – these 5 fitness girls have us wanting to hit the gym ASAP!

Tala Samman @myfashdiary

As well as being our fitness inspiration, this Instagram star is also a DJ with a fashion flair. We love her for her inimitable signature look and insatiable hunger for life. Often scene on Dubai’s party scene flashing her fanatastic abs and rubbing shoulders with celebrities, you can catch her at the gym working her resistance band. We want one!

Zahra Lari @zahralari

Zahra is giving us goals as the first Emirati figure skater to compete on an international level – not only is she a practicing Muslim, she competes wearing her hijab and slays the ice rink with her incredible spins.

Amal Murad @leap.of.hope

A graphic designer by trade, Amal Murad inspires us by being the first female Emirati parkour athlete, extreme sports pioneer and a Nike ambassador. She has broken barriers and is redefining the way women are perceived in an otherwise male dominated world of extreme sports.

Engy El Shazly @engyelshazlyy

Like many of us, as a little girl, she too wanted to be a ballerina and took her first lesson at 27. Now, at 30, hijabi Engy El Shazly, holds the title of “the Veiled Ballerina” and enforces the fact that it’s never too late and that no obstacle can stand in the way of a lifelong dream.

Manal Rostom @manirostom

Known for her participation in the most grueling of marathons, Manal Rostom is the ultimate UAE based fitness girl; not only did she complete the New York marathon in within 4 hours and 42 minutes, she is also the first athlete to have run a major race wearing the “sportswear veil”.

Manal collaborated with Nike to craft a breathable hijab, making sportswear inclusive of a wider modest wear market.

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