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3 Places That Prove Amsterdam Is a Foodie’s Heaven

Bookmark these three places if you want to enjoy good food as well as those world-class museums and winding canals.

Amsterdam is known for museums like the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh, its gorgeous canals with the steep bridges that cross them, its beautiful, traditional houses and, of course, the café culture. Then there's the food scene, another major reason for foodies to visit the city known for its tolerant and progressive attitude.

We’ve picked out the best place to bite into some crispy Flemish fries, you know those golden gems that are usually double or triple cooked, crispy on the outside and fluffy inside? Plus, you can’t go to Amsterdam without delighting your sweet taste buds with a Dutch stroopwafel, yet we think you should try it turned into a magnificent milkshake too. And if you’re one of the many millennials with a fetish for avocado toast, we’ve got the perfect restaurant with the most Instagram-friendly avocado dishes that will have your friends green with envy. 

The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show should be on every avocado lover’s to do list while in Amsterdam. The owners, Ron and Julien, have teamed up with Chef Jaimie van Heije to turn our favourite superfruit into works of art. Avocados are already so nutritious and yummy, and all that super presentation just makes you love the versatile fruit, which can be enjoyed in any shape or form, even more.  Another plus is all the avocados are farmed with social responsibility and in an environmentally friendly way.

And you can pick from a wide variety of the visually stunning avocado dishes, for example with eggs, on toast, with pancakes, in a salad or as a bowl. Some of the amazingly tasty signature dishes at the first come first served, fun-filled restaurant, on Daniel Stalpertstraat 61, include The Heart Beet Rose, The Avo Garden and The Bellissima Bowl. We hope their plan to open more restaurants in other cities across the world includes some in the Middle East!

Vleminckx Fries


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Belgium is renowned for its thick and crispy fries, and hands down the best place to try Flemish fries in Amsterdam is Vleminckx the Sausmeester. With its cult following, people from all over come to try their piping hot patatjes served in paper cones. That means there’s usually a line, but it’s a fast moving queue and it’s totally worth the wait.


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Established in 1957, Vleminckx is located on Voetboogstraat 33, a charming cobblestoned alley. The small hole-in-the-wall fry shop near Spui only serves fries, but there’s a whopping choice of 28 different sauces. The long list of available toppings includes curry ketchup, sambal and even appelmoes (applesauce) for those with a sweet tooth. For a real Dutch experience, you can try the fries with joppiesaus, a famous snack sauce in the country, or with mayonnaise. Their Zaanse mayonnaise is a favourite as it has some zingy vinegar. They also have special mixes like curry ketchup with mayonnaise and onions and the Oorlog Mix, which comes with mayonnaise, satay sauce and onion.


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Apart from their wide array of sauces, what makes the quality, homemade fries at this budget-friendly snack stop special is that they are cooked to a perfect level of crunchy crispness. The chefs achieve this with a series of different fryers with different temperatures. What’s more, all the vegetarians out there will be happy to know the oil they use is animal-friendly.

Bulls and Dogs

If you think the US is the best place for hot dogs, Amsterdam’s Bulls and Dogs is giving it a run for its money. Located on Van Woustraat 58, the restaurant’s dogs are unique, completely turning the standard soggy bun, sauerkraut and mustard formula on its head. Their dogs are served on crunchy German pretzel buns, which offer a pretty look and feel, as well as an amazing savoury taste. Additionally, the sausages, obtained from a local butcher, come with red and white (turmeric-infused) cabbage. Plus, they have alternative meat options like lamb, beef and even vegetarian sausage. Homemade sauce and toppings, fresh ingredients and funky side dishes all help place Bulls and Dogs on any foodie’s must-visit list. 

However, you’ll probably want to save some room for one of their Freakalicious Milkshakes. Can you imagine a Dutch stroopwafel, with its thin layer of caramel-like syrup sandwiched between two wafers, turned into a delicious milkshake? Whether it’s the Fantastic Caramel Frenzy, Dutch Cookie Wookie, Sweet Rainbow Fever or Big Banana Bash, we’re sure you’ll find just the right flavour to satisfy that craving!

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