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5 Of Our Favorite Hijabi Style Icons

Halima Aden

From bloggers, to world-class athletes, to international brand ambassadors, hijabi women have been increasingly leaving an inspirational mark on the world. And earlier this month, the world celebrated World Hijab Day, founded six years ago by New York resident Nazma Khan as a way to nurture an environment of religious tolerance and understanding. To continue this celebratory spirit, we have picked five fantastic hijabi style bloggers to bring a bit of inspiration to your wardrobe and overall style choices this month:

1. Halima Aden

No list would be complete without this 20-year-old Somali American super model. Aden became the first hijabi to model for major Fashion Week shows last year, smashing stereotypes by showing the world that women who wear hijabs can be stylish and fashionable. Speaking to BBC last year, Aden talked about her faith and her choice to dress modestly as a way to show the world who she truly is, saying, “My hijab is my crown.”

2. Ascia al Faraj

Al Faraj, known by her 2.2 million Instagram followers as just Ascia, is a Kuwaiti fashion blogger, model, and fashion designer. Her style is fresh, young, and classy, setting her apart as one of the Middle East’s most influential bloggers and social media influencers. She’s also worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Dior, Chanel, and TAG Heuer.

3. Dina Tokio

If you’re looking for bold and unapologetically loud and fun, Tokio’s style is the one for you. This London-based blogger rocks rich colors and cool combos, and gives spot-on advice on her Instagram page and YouTube channel. On her website, she shared thoughts about being a successful hijabi, saying, “I’m pretty tired of constantly being praised for ‘breaking the stereotype’ just because I’m a Muslim woman who happens to be successful. This should be the NORM! There are so many of us that are not given media attention for what we do without it being connected to our faith in some way or other. We are so much more than just breaking a stereotype.”

4. Rubai Zai

Zai is an Afghani-Dutch blogger whose style is nothing short of stunning and whose Instagram page includes adorable photos of her former pregnant self, her supportive husband, and her newborn baby girl Maya. Zai, or @hijabhills, was snapped up last year by Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana to star in one of its campaigns, donning beautiful abayas and headscarves from label.

5. Dian Pelangi

An Indonesian fashion designer, entrepreneur, and digital influencer, Pelangi’s almost 5 million followers will attest to her unique and classy fashion taste. She combines exquisite Indonesian embroidery and other traditional techniques with muted pieces and contemporary accessories. Her overall style is less out there and more simple, stylish, and elegant. 

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