Amazing Wedding Location, 122 Meters Above Ground

A couple from California, USA, took their relationship to new heights by getting married almost 122 meters above the ground in the state of Utah. Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin said their “I dos” in a spectacular setting above the red canyon where they both fell in love and later got engaged.


*SWIPE RIGHT TO SEE THE WHOLE VIDEO* Story time! On rehearsal night of our wedding, @hibs69stang was driving me and @_gillogs_ back to town from the Fruitbowl. We were all mentally and physically exhausted from the past two long days of setting up and coordinating, and feeling all of the not so fun part of the wedding stress. We decided to put on some music for that long dirt road and zone out. He has 11,500 songs in his car's library.....I shit you not, the FIRST song that came on was Hard to Concentrate by @chilipeppers . I looked at him, stoked, like, "Did Ryan tell you!?" And he said, "No, what?" He had no clue that was going to be our first dance song the next day. Out of ELEVEN THOUSAND songs, that one by chance came on first, the night before the wedding. (Funny how the universe seems to send these little signs/pick me ups that you're on the right path). I never planned much about a wedding growing up, but the one thing I always knew was that if I ever got married someday, THAT would be the song we would dance to (assuming I could find a guy that was okay with something not super traditional, and the right wedding environment to be able to play it in). Every time a relationship didn't work out, I always drifted back to that song, wondering if I'd ever get to know a love like that. Well, that dream finally came true! Because this song doesn't have an official music video, and has meant so much to me for so long, I thought I'd pay tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers by using their song over some of our wedding shots. And the cherry on top!? I FINALLY get to see them in person for the first time on Thursday in San Francisco. Another dream come true. Hey internet! If you want to help me tag them and get their attention, I'd love to show this to them :D @chilipeppers CREDITS // Dress: @galialahav by @kinsleyjamescouturebridal // Bouquet: @thefauxbouquets // Tuxes: @generationtux // Video footage courtesy of @scottyrog, @wingatemotion , Kfir Smiley Amir, @cincybase , @davidlaffargue , @jimmypeterson27 , @scottyybob // Edit by me :)

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Friends and family watched the couple’s big day from a suspended multi-colored space net, which, according to the Independent, was engineered by Jenks’ best man.

The couple decided against traditional wedding rings and went instead with handmade soft shackles (a piece of gear used to rig highlines) crafted to look like a diamond and flower. The happy event ending as 10 base jumping "flower girls" wearing tutus leaped one-by one off a cliff edge, releasing petals as they fell.

Sharing the incredible photos of their big day on Instagram, Weglin wrote a heartwarming letter to her new husband:

“One of my favorite parts about our relationship is that we share the same passions and attitudes towards life. I love that I can share this space with @slackinhigh, above the quiet abyss, with no questions asked, and with full calm and understanding. Between all the highlining and adventuring we have done over the past three years, we have found ourselves constantly putting our lives into each other’s hands (i.e. trusting their rigging, trusting that they’re spotting or belaying you correctly, trusting that they care enough to be attentive, double check their work, and keep you safe, etc.) From that I believe we have developed a really special bond and a really strong trust in one another.”.

 Last year, another couple made headlines with their unconventional choice of venue, opting for an underwater wedding. After four years together, a British army sergeant and a former diving instructor tied the knot underwater in the Florida Keys national marine sanctuary.


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The sky is NOT the limit with you by my side! On November 20, 2017, @slackinhigh and I exchanged "Hell Yeah's!" in a wedding in the sky! 400 feet in the air on a spacenet in Moab, Utah. We had aerial artists performing on silks and lyra underneath us, BASE jumping flower girls that wore tutus and packed their chutes with real petals, and a giant desert rave for the reception. My dad even got to walk me down the "aisle", which was a first of its kind! Normally, people get onto the net by slacklining on a 1 inch piece of webbing out to the middle, but we specifically engineered the aisle so that those dearest to us (who arent slackliners) could easily join us on our special day. Thank you everyone who got involved, lent a helping hand in setting up the net and the rave tent, and even risked their lives for us! We couldnt have done it without you, and we couldnt have asked for a more magical day. And as a slacklifer, I gotta say, its pretty surreal to have your wedding video made by THE @scottyrog @wingatemotion Gown: Lily Rose by @galialahav from @kinsleyjamescouturebridal // Spacenet designed and rigged by @sketchyandylewis. Aisle brought into reality with the help of Andy and @slacklifebc // Wedding Officiant @blackrockseco // Aerialists @lizasouras @cdignes @theletabug // BASE Jumpers @mrcorbing @davidlaffargue @cincybase @jimmypeterson27 @theinfamousskypig @scottyybob @stickynicky420 @taz @andikissthesky // Photographers @thehearnes // Hair Styling @katevictoria_hair // Bouquet @thefauxbouquets // Tuxes @generationtux //

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In light of the last video I posted getting so much attention of @sketchyandylewis ‘dropping the rings’, I’m here to set the record straight: IT WAS A PRANK! We knew he was going to pretend to drop our rings because he kept joking about it during rehearsal, but we also knew that he had our real rings attached to a carabiner on a string around his wrist. So we just thought he was going to do a little fake out to mess with the crowd. But of course he had to go above and beyond. He pulled out a quicklink with some washers on it, and dropped that through the net. (Don’t worry! We didn’t litter. All gear was retrieved from the bottom of the cliff by rappelling into the canyon.) Even though I knew our real rings weren't even made of metal, it still sounded and looked so real that I got worried for a minute. I think everyone on the net and in the crowd briefly thought the worst haha. The rings we exchanged on the net can be seen in the pictures above. (Zoom in to see them better.) I made tiny soft shackles out of 7/64” amsteel for our rings, specifically to exchange on the net so we wouldn't have to worry about dropping them. Soft shackles are pieces of gear that we use in rigging our highlines, but they are normally a lot bigger. I thought it would be fun to repurpose them and make rings, boutonnières, and bouquets out of them since the button knot kind of simultaneously looks like a diamond and a flower. I also loved that it was a very literal "tying of the knot".: @thehearnes

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