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The Million Dollar Wedding Cake Shaped Like an Arab Bride

The Bride Show at Dubai World Trade Centre unveiled a million dollar wedding cake in the shape of an Arab Bride last week.

Made using 1000 eggs and two-carat diamonds, celebrity cake artists, Debbie Wingham, who is also responsible for creating the world’s most expensive shoes last year, returned to Raffles Hotel, Dubai, to craft the realistic looking traditional Arab bride cake.

It’s not the first time Debbie Wingham has experimented with life-sized premium cakes, the shoes she created were valued at $15m and another red diamond abaya at around $5m.

Taking 5 days to finish the piece, the star baker mentioned that nobody believes that the edible sculpture is a cake. She has named her Lulwa, meaning pearl in Arabic.

Debbie Wingham is also responsible for creating the world’s most expensive shoes.

The cake is 6 feet tall and is encrusted with five two-carat white diamonds, each costing $200,000. It is sculpted from rice crispy treats and modelling chocolate, with an additional 20kg of Belgian chocolate and 5000 hand crafted flowers with edible pearls, and over a mile of cake fondant.

London-based designer, Wingham stated, “Diamonds have become the material of choice and I’m constantly look at featuring them in a more inventive way. Since I launched the red diamond Abaya a few years ago at Raffles Dubai, I have been a big fan of the Arabian culture and wanted to incorporate it in the design of the wedding cake. Raffles pastry chefs have always been extremely creative with their afternoon tea collection, that it was a natural synergy for us to work together on this project - a marriage made in heaven”.

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