5 Things to Do On the Weekend That Will Positively Kickstart Your Week

We all want to be the type of women that can sashay into the start of the week, clear headed, prepped and organized, on time for work after having worked out and casually sipped a superfood smoothie.

But alas, a lot of us are not.

We often find ourselves sleeping too late, snoozing too long after our morning alarm, haphazardly getting dressed, skipping breakfast and not being mentally prepared to face work.

No good. This approach can be stressful, annoying and rarely sets anyone up for success at the start of a busy week. That’s why AboutHer.com have put together 6 simple things to do over the weekend to make your weekdays run much smoother…

Check Your Diary

There is nothing more mortifying and panic inducing than forgetting that you have a long list of meetings and a lunch with your boss that you totally forgot about.

The day before your work week is set to start, check your appointments for the next few days, do you need to reschedule anything? Is there anything you need to add to your to-do list?

Checking your diary and seeing what you already have on will prepare you to handle everything on your task list.

Always remember to also make time for leisure activities too. A girl’s luncheon, a spa day at home, a chat with your best friend is a great way to unwind from a busy week. You know what they say about all work and no play.

Prep Your Meals

None of us want to spend the last day of our precious weekend in the kitchen, however, you will benefit from doing a little meal prepping. And of course, everyone does it differently: some like to cook a few different meals and then freeze them, others utilize what they already have in their fridge, and some of us just order the basics from an app on our phones. Prepping you meals not only helps you to eat more healthily during the week, but removes the conundrum of figuring out what to eat post 8pm after a long day or having to stop at a grocery store midweek.

In need of ideas? Google your favorite TV chef and you’ll find recipes to match your tastes!

Don’t Forget To Neaten Up

If you like to spend a couple of hours during the weekend cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping your habitat, you’re doing a fantastic job kick-starting your week. But, if it seems to be too much of a chore after a social weekend, just neaten up the clutter in 30 minutes! Clear up your dressing space, or any clothes you didn’t put back in your wardrobe, do your laundry, give your bathroom a little tidy, make your bed, fluff your cushions…etc

If you catch a glimpse of mess, just straighten it up for a couple of minutes until it looks more presentable. It’s definitely no fun coming home every day to a space you don’t like the look of.

Have an Early Night

Sleeping early allows for you to wake up fully rested on Monday, which sounds like an insignificant point, but it most certainly is not. Do you ever find that your first day of the week back at work is unproductive and a total waste because you’re tired and groggy? The best way to beat those Monday blues is to clean your bedsheets, stop looking at your phone and tuck yourself in by 10pm at the latest.

By sleeping earlier than usual, your body and mind and mood will thank you. You’ll feel energized, and up for the challenge of work and perhaps even the gym. If you find it difficult to sleep early, get into bed an extra hour earlier to wind down beforehand.

Relax – Properly!
Some weekends we tend to do nothing at all, and really enjoy the down time, only to get to the end of it with a serious case of the grump because we are dreading work the next day.

To get past this mood, shift most of your chores and home tasks to the first day of the weekend so that you can free up a whole day for some serious self-care.

Read a book, eat well, do a face mask, catch a film, do whatever it takes to make you feel fresh and prepared for the week ahead.

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