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5 Saudi Influencers Making Waves in the Kingdom

From sharing social issues close to home, in Saudi Arabia, to creating fashion, travel and beauty reviews, here are the bloggers making waves in Saudi Arabia.

Bloggers and online influencers are everywhere in today’s social media infested world; it’s a saturated place where anyone can be anything, portray any lifestyle, and make a living from it to boot.

However, in the conservative Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they remain in high demand.

Challenging social issues, travelling the world and being our style inspiration, these Saudi-born influencers are changing mindsets, and trends, one social media post at a time and these are the ones we love to watch…

AlJuhara Sajer
From the more liberal city of Saudi Arabia, AlJuhara Sajer began her social media career by sharing vlogs ranging from travel reviews to makeup tutorials. She launched her YouTube channel in 2012 and currently has almost half a million subscribers. Sajer’s channel offers a glimpse into the everyday life of a Saudi female, in her mid-twenties, and has catered to a huge demand for online beauty bloggers in the kingdom. She’s a great inspiration to young, ambitious women in Saudi who live a modest lifestyle.


Yousef AlSudais
Yousef Al Sudais lives the dream life we all wish we had! The travel enthusiast and blogger began sharing pictures of his adventurous travels before gaining almost 100k followers on Instagram, which eventually inspired him to take on his travel hobby as a full time job. AlSudais is mostly recognized for his addictive travel reviews where he creates gripping videos of exploratory activities including diving in the Seychelles, hiking in Bali and zip lining in Dubai. We are hooked!


Njoud Al Shammari
Totally unexpected, hilarious and relatable at the same time, comedy vlogger, Njoud Al Shammari quickly became an overnight YouTube sensation after posting comedic recordings and makeup tutorials. Her laid back engagement, along with the fact that she features her brothers in many of her videos, won her over 1 million (and still growing) YouTube subscribers. Al Shammari encourages a more contemporary and open minded attitude through her channel, whist eloquently maintaining her conservative Saudi roots.


Omar Hussein
Saudi social media guru, Omar Hussein, uses digital platforms such as YouTube, to produce content that challenges sensitive social issues in the traditionalist Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With over 500k followers and subscribers, Hussein puts together social scenarios that provoke Saudis to react, whilst giving an insight into local social behavior. Omar Hussein certainly keeps us intrigued.


Hala Abdullah
A fashion and lifestyle influencer with almost 1million followers across social media platforms, Hala Abdullah shares life goals. She’s beautiful, with an enviable liberated sense of style and gives us daily outfit inspo. Despite having a conservative upbringing, the Saudi Arabian beauty comes across as strong and aspirational.

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