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5 Female Arab Entrepreneurs That Are Shaking The Globe Right Now

As society continues to progress and women become more empowered to do what they are truly capable of, there is a wave of innovate Arab female entrepreneurs that are tearing down stereotypes and making headway for the rest of us. From fashion to food to finances, here are 5 women you need to know.

1. Buthania Al Raisi – Founder of Beeba World

Known as a famous TV actress from Oman, Buthania Al Raisi is also a fashion designer and entrepreneur known across the Gulf. She owns the brand Beeba world, an online fashion boutique brand where she showcases her fashionable Abayas for all occasions.

2. Bana Shomali – Co-Founder of

Formerly a consultant at McKinsey & Company in Dubai for 6 years, Bana Shomali is the woman who went on to found in 2013. The business, formerly known as MoveSouq, caters to the home service industry, helping customers book services like home cleaning and renovations, an idea she only had once she quit her last job and went out on a limb to find something new.

3. Sara-Kristina Hannig Nour – Founder of Sara & Lara’s Baskets

Announced the Middle East & North African laureate at the 2017 Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards, Sara-Kristina is an Egyptian entrepreneur known for founding Sara & Lara’s Baskets. She started the business to address the need for more organic food choices in Egypt by delivering weekly shipments of organic, fresh produce from the friends directly to their metropolitan & urban customers in baskets handwoven by locals.

4. Ambareen Musa – Co-Founder of

A woman well-decorated with experience in the financial sector, Ambareen Musa became the founder of Souqmal in 2012 (who says women can’t dominate in the financial sector?). It’s considered the #1 comparison website in the Middle East that lets customers compare financial and insurance products before making any commitments. As of October 2017, has managed to raise $10 million in their series B, and will be expanding their operation in the near future.

5. Sharene Lee – Co-Founder of Melltoo

Known as a serial entrepreneur who has already experienced success in two previous ventures in L.A and France, Sharene Lee founded Melltoo in 2014 and has seen explosive growth since. Melltoo is a mobile marketplace that facilitates the sales of second-hand goods in the UAE, but it isn’t all that Sharene is up to these days. She currently spends her time teach technology in education, and is exploring ways to use IM as a tool for teaching in today’s classrooms.

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