The Most Influential Middle Eastern Bloggers & Vloggers to Watch in 2018

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

It’s the dawn of 2018 and we just love great blogging and vlogging personalities more than ever as our society becomes increasingly tech-savvy. With all that tech, it isn’t surprising that there’s a wave of online talent that is sweeping social media, winning hearts and breaking stereotypes. Here’s a sweet list of the most influential Middle Eastern bloggers & vloggers to watch in 2018.

Laila Hzaineh
This feminist vlogger is a Palestinian-Jordanian who has been fighting the patriarchy on behalf of Arab women everywhere. The videos on her Youtube channel go viral as she tackles pressing issues that women face regionally and globally, such as domestic violence, sexism and harassment. Laila is challenging social norms, patriarchal concepts and even calling out sexist, misogynic men, one at a time, and we can watch it all from her Youtube channel.

Anum Bashir
Owner and writer of the Desert Mannequin, this fashion-forward blogger isn’t just any ordinary fashion blogger. “Clothes are best served with a side of intellect” Bashir writes in her blog. This art and fashion consultant from Qatar has graced many fashion magazines worldwide, including the American Vogue, dazzling the world with her style and intelligence. Her message to the world is that Middle Eastern women are more independent, fearless and fierce than some would think.

Hend Amry
While she isn’t exactly a blogger or a vlogger, this Twitter star has been dubbed the “Queen of Muslim Twitter.” This prolific, modern and witty Libyan-American from Qatar is known for her conversations on social issues and breaking news coupled with her rich sarcastic humor. With her killer wit, she tackles Islamophobes and racist trolls in style, while still managing to be a modest woman who enjoys the simple things, which is why so many just love to watch her.

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh
Founder and editor of Muslim Girl, a platform that depicts life in the US through the eyes of young Muslim girls and women, Amani Khatahtbeb is a woman to keep on your watchlist this 2018. A writer, editor, published author and outspoken activist, Amani is all about representing the authentic spectrum of Muslim women, because Muslim women in the media are poorly represented and she is working to help change that for Muslim women everywhere.

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