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Jewellery Styling Masterclass With Taim Al Falasi

Match your jewellery stylishly with some expert help from Instagram star Taim Al Falasi

United Arab Emirates-born media personality Taim Al Falasi shares some valuable tips about pairing jewellery pieces with various outfits. We caught up with the young influencer, who has 2.3 million Instagram followers, during the 21st edition of the Dubai International Jewellery Week, where she presented a workshop.

For many of us jewellery is an afterthought, something we add on after we have worn our outfit. 
I have some jewellery I never remove and wear every day. Whatever outfit I’m wearing, I always have two bracelets, two rings and a watch, and all of them hold highly sentimental value to me. One of them is very special to me as I got it when I signed my first contract to become an ambassador of a large brand. I went to a jewellery shop and I bought it and paid for it with the money I earned for the first time in my life, it was a reward to myself.

Nowadays, women enjoy wearing precious jewellery as everyday charms and not just for special occasions.
Every day I wear my favourite items without even thinking about them as they complement any outfit I choose. When I go out though, for example to the Dubai Mall or to a family gathering, I add extra jewellery pieces to the ones I’m already wearing, but it’s the earrings I change all the time.

Do you differentiate between everyday jewellery and ‘special occasion’ jewellery?  If so what do you recommend for both types of occasions?
When I go out, I might wear something special, for example a fancy big watch. I do have different piercings and change my earrings on a daily basis. The choice never depends on my mood, but on my outfit. For example, I usually wear a black and rather minimalistic outfit, a simple T-shirt paired with trousers, which I complement with some bold earrings, especially in my left ear, where I have six piercings.
On special occasions, however, I borrow earrings from my mother as we share the same taste in jewellery; she likes elegant, but modest pieces. I always wear simple jewellery on special occasions, as it’s my clothes that stand out. I usually wear very elegant, soft dresses, and when I pair them with something simple, it usually perfects my looks.

How would you style jewellery differently with an abaya?
When I’m in an abaya, I wear simple things that don’t really show off, but in case I take my abaya and sheila off, I’m still wearing something. I wear necklaces that are usually gifts from some special friends.
When I’m not wearing an abaya, I’m really bold with necklaces. This is a piece of jewellery I can’t really show when wearing an abaya, so when I’m not in traditional clothes, I really like wearing open shirts to show the necklace. Family gatherings are our only chance where we can take our abayas off and show off some pretty jewellery. Some girls wear really long pieces that stand out, but this is not really my style, I prefer simple above flashy items.

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