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3 Top Arab Female Influencers to Look Out for in 2018

Njoud Al Shammari

In today’s world, social media influencers are the new form of celebrity, and female influencers in the Arab world are certainly leading the pack. Here are three Arab female influencers to keep an eye out for in 2018.

1. Amani Yahya

The first-ever female rapper to come from Yemen, Amani is a musical, feminist genius who uses her music as a tool to bring awareness to the struggles of women in her region. Shedding light on the challenges that her war-torn country presents, such as child marriage and sexual harassment, this 24-year-old is making international headlines. Amani’s music is spreading across the globe, challenging the social norms of her conservative Yemeni community, despite their negative reactions, making her one to watch in the coming year.

2. Njoud Al Shammari

Considered one of the most influential Saudi female YouTubers, this 22-year-old lifestyle and comedy vlogger is someone worth keeping your eyes on. Njoud is becoming famous for her vibrant and peppy character that shines in her light and relatable videos, ranging from tips and tutorials to straight up comedy. She’s already starting to get hit with the spotlight, and it’s no wonder, since she already has over 1.2 million subscribers to her Youtube channel and she was ranked at the most influential Saudi woman on Youtube back in 2016, by Tubular Labs. You can also see her featured on YouTube’s new channel, Batala, a channel dedicated to female-produced Arabic content.

3. Dalia Dogmoch Soubra

While it’s great to have a career when you’re still young and unobligated, nothing is as impressive as being a hot mama with kids and a successful career, just like Dalia Soubra. The rising Syrian-German-British star has launched a kitsch bakery, a successful recipe blog, a cook book and writes for big magazines like BBC Good Food and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Based in Dubai, Dalia works on her career while balancing the mom life in her very own go-getter style. With two little kids and a few businesses under her belt, a woman like this is worth watching, as she has a lot more in store for the coming new year.

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