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The Many Hats of Adwa Al-Dakheel

A familiar name in Saudi Arabia’s top-notch finance fraternity, Adwa Al-Dakheel found her ladder to success at a young age. The entrepreneurial spirit started early for Al-Dakheel, who at just the age of 16 became a stock market analyst.

Apart from being a professional Forex trader specialized in stock options, the multi-talented young Saudi influencer is an author, a CEO of a fresh start-up, a nifty guitarist and an ardent squash champion.

Heading the Direct Influence Company as its Chief Executive Officer, Al-Dakheel’s vision is to build an empire of influence through partnerships.

“We offer our partners an unparalleled power to influence their success, using value-focused strategies and highly specialized resources to be the most influential in their domain,” she said in an interview with Forbes Middle East. “Thanks to the innovative start-ups and businesses that approach us, we make breakthroughs every day. It is our aim to master and help structure the vision and strategy element, accompanied with the marketing and sales science to then place the business or the start-up at the peak of their potential.”

Al-Dakheel is an inspiration to Saudi youth with her perpetual triumphs. As a teenager, she founded the R&A Fund after winning the trading markets competition in Boston. That same year had more in store for Al-Dakheel and she became a published author of her book, ‘Proven Billionaires’ Formula.’

“It has been written to appeal to all ages and to understand that it is never too soon or too late to start a journey towards success,” Al-Dakheel says about her book.

She recalls the personal notes she used to pen down which when compiled, ended up being a 111-page book, adding that her favourite chapter of the book is 'Rich People vs. Poor People’s Mind.

Growing up in a house that truly appreciates the arts, her passion for music and poetry began there. “I compose something to mostly everything I write whereas I synchronize the melody I am playing to match the feel of the poem in mind,” she says. “Both music and poetry served me as the best outlet for all that is around me.”

The budding star recorded her first instrumental album at the age of 18 and published her first album two years later. Still working magic with a guitar, her compositions are easily found on iTunes.

Apart from the arts, Al-Dakheel has a great interest in sports as well. “I started by learning how to play tennis and I did pretty well. I fell in love with squash as soon as I held a squash racket and overlooked tennis completely thereafter,” she says in an interview with Arab News. “Being competitive by nature, I made winning the women championship in Saudi Arabia my goal by the end of the year. Looking back on it now, it was a near-impossible goal, because my competitors at the time were professionals.”

Al-Dakheel’s aspirations for this year and every year are propitious. She hopes to achieve a growing team of devoted and intelligent people with both the vision and execution skills to get the job done to the highest of standards and efficiency.

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