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Sayidaty Launches First Forum: Saudi Women Within The Frame Of Saudi Vision 2030

On the 20th of November, Sayidaty Magazine launched its first forum entitled “Saudi Women Within the Frame of Saudi Vision 2030” at Hilton Jeddah. Designed as a platform where key insights, support, methods of critical inquiry, and solutions can be shared, the forum’s first edition was held in the presence of dignitaries, industry leaders, economists, university students, activists, and members of the press.

Khalid Alkhudair

Heading the forum and debate sessions was Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi, Editor-in-Chief of, Sayidaty and Arrajol magazines, who kicked off the evening by welcoming both guests and participants in his addressing speech. Also participating were a number of key figures, including Najeeb Al- Zamil, renowned writer and media personality, Noha Al Yousef, chairperson of the board of directors at Ithraa Consulting Group, Malik Al Ghanmi, head of social entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship Advancement at Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority, and Khalid Alkhudair, founder and CEO of Glowork.

Malik Al Ghanmi

On the evening’s agenda was an overview of the progress currently being made by Saudi women across different domains, the general challenges being faced by women in the workplace, possible solutions that could help bolster their participation, and the key role Saudi women play in the trajectory and future of the Kingdom.

In his speech, Al- Harthi stressed on the significance of female participation in all facets of society, and noted the importance of nurturing an atmosphere of encouragement and positivity that supports their visions and achievements. In a discussion with Al Zamil, obstacles faced by women in the workplace was addressed, and Al- Harthi also touched on the many benefits that women bring to the table – the passion, insights, and perspectives that can enrich the country’s overall performance.

Najeeb Al- Zamil

Other speakers highlighted the role of women who are actively building communities around the world as an integral part of economic evolution and societal growth. Al Yousef discussed the stages of development of Saudi women, citing key role models whose work and achievements have garnered international recognition.

Noha Al Yousef

Alkhudair presented the experiences of women in Glowork and their contributions in achieving the vision of the Kingdom, supporting this with a number of studies on the obstacles hindering the empowerment of women, most importantly the lack of qualified human resources departments.

Al Ghanmi pointed to programs devised by the SME General Authority aimed at integrating women into the labor force, as well as empowering them through several social entrepreneurship programs, including Fanar and Fikrah platforms established on the website of the author.

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