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About Her: 100 Saudi Women Who Are Creating Change

This year has indeed been a groundbreaking one for Saudi women across industries and in various spheres of life. From entrepreneurs and industry leaders, to artists, scientists, and philanthropists, About Her has identified 100 icons, pioneers, and game-changers taking on every challenge in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment, and boldly transforming the country through their vision, innovation, leadership, and determination.

More than ever, Saudi women are taking the lead, becoming the driving force behind the country’s trajectory and future development, a phenomenon that is clearly evident in this year’s list of women creating change in society today. While their triumphs are remarkable in their own right, they are even more so in a job market still dominated by men.

About Her believes that shining the spotlight on the accomplishments of these talented women in different sectors across the Kingdom is vital in nurturing competitive and viable organizations that not only thrive but that also enhance the dynamism of the country’s different communities.

“From innovation and determination, to performance and skill, to having a vision and inspiring others, the women represented in this list come from a variety of backgrounds and have each broken barriers for women inside and outside the kingdom,” said Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi, Group Editor-in-Chief of, Sayidaty, Al Jamila and Al Rajol magazines.

“We are proud to have compiled this list, to highlight women in executive and leadership positions across industries who are leading extraordinary gains for the country, to celebrate their efforts, accomplishments, and strength, and to share their stories with the world.”

We commend these women who we believe are some of the finest examples for the coming generations to follow, leaders who are creating change by demonstrating that it is possible and it is worthwhile to make it to the top.

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