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Al Fardan Fine Jewellery, Abu Dhabi Launches Alfabet Collection

Luxury Meets Personalization with Spellbinding Elegance

Al Fardan Fine Jewellery Abu Dhabi, is delighted to present its latest collection, ALFAbet, in celebration of modern femininity and personalized elegance. Each necklace in the collection is adorned with diamonds on a bed of the brand’s signature mother of pearl, crafted for the discerning tastes of the contemporary woman. These necklaces seamlessly blend luxury with individuality, offering a timeless accessory for the modern-day woman.

Constructed uniqing the exquisite mother of pearl as its base, this collection pays tribute to Al Fardan Fine Jewellery’s iconic legacy, epitomizing versatility, grace, and sophistication. Mother of pearl, known for its luminous iridescence and organic beauty, adds a captivating sheen to each piece, enhancing the wearer's natural radiance. Renowned for its durability and resilience, mother of pearl ensures that each necklace remains a cherished companion for years to come, perfect for layering with other precious jewels to create endless combinations and personal style expressions.

Embellished with Arabic initials, these necklaces become more than mere accessories - they become subtle declarations of the wearer's identity and journey. From casual daytime outings to formal soirées, the pendants seamlessly adapt to any occasion, infusing every moment with a touch of understated luxury. Layer with a simple choker for a daytime look or pair with statement earrings for a bolder evening outfit.

Iulia Al Fardan, General Manager of Al Fardan Fine Jewellery, Abu Dhabi, expresses her profound connection to the ALFAbet collection, highlighting its fusion of timeless elegance with contemporary allure. She outlines: “While each necklace features Arabic initials that adds a personal touch to the wearer's experience, the collection's name, ALFAbet, ingeniously integrates our brand's own name into the collection's title, weaving Al Fardan's heritage into the fabric of everyday language through inventive wordplay.”

Embrace the captivating essence of Al Fardan Fine Jewellery Abu Dhabi’s ALFAbet collection, elevating personalised fine jewellery to new heights.

Al Fardan Fine Jewellery, Abu Dhabi’s Alfabet collection is available both in store in Nation Towers Abu Dhabi, Galleria Mall Abu Dhabi or online at

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