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Discover Anti-Ageing Solutions with ‘London Lip Queen’ Dr Rita Rakus

The cosmetic doctor to the stars focuses on non-invasive treatments to turn back the clock.

Dr Rita Rakus’s client list reads like a ‘who’s who’ of British successes with names like Lisa Butcher, Melissa Odabash and Sophie Anderton. And there’s good reason A-listers head into her Knightsbridge clinic before an event or when they want to “lose five years in five minutes.” The ‘go to’ aesthetic specialist for celebrities and well-heeled clients always ensures she can offer her clients the latest anti-ageing technologies in her field.

Fairmont TP - Willow Stream Spa

Rakus has over 25 years of aesthetic medical experience and is a leader in 5 star medispa services. Specialising in a plethora of non-evasive cosmetic treatments, she has won numerous accolades for her outstanding achievements and leadership, including the Solta Black Diamond Award in recognition for being a leading provider of Thermage®, Fraxel and LipoSonix. Rakus, who has been inaugurated on the Wall of Honour at the Royal Society of Medicine, was also awarded the coveted Best Signature Facial Award for her Black Diamond HydraFacial treatment during the Middle East Pool & Spa Awards 2016 and the BTL Exilis Award.

Dr. Rita Rakus - Hydrafacial treatment

We talk to Rakus, known as the ‘London Lip Queen’ as a credit to her expertise in lip enhancement solutions, about remedying perioral ageing. We also get into detail about the other treatments she is renowned for, as well as some of her latest rejuvenation and anti-ageing gems. Plus, she tells us how we can benefit from her treatments in Dubai thanks to her collaboration with the Willow Stream Spa and shares the perfect skin products we need.

Fairmont TP - Willow Stream Spa

You’re known as the ‘London Lip Queen’ because of your expertise in anti-ageing treatments around the lips and perioral area. Why is this area so important when it comes to a youthful appearance and attractiveness?
Besides the eyes, the lips are a central point for the face and a full, youthful lip is a very attractive feature. In most of my patients a perfect pout inspires confidence, and they can then choose to wear subtle make-up, a lip plumper or even vamp it up with bright lip colour.

What contributes to perioral ageing?
Smoking, sun damage and electrolysis.

Dr. Rita Rakus (L) during a consultation with a model

How do you get results to look so subtle and natural?
By doing small treatments, perhaps two weeks apart, and using very fine needles and fillers.

Why is it important for you to use biodegradable fillers?
Because they can always be dissolved, which is important if patients are not happy with the results or find they develop small lumps, which is rare.

You’re also been lauded for your work in other non-invasive treatments, including Thermage®, a face and body lift. Who can benefit from it?
Men and women can benefit. In my younger patients it is used as a preventive treatment, post baby mummy-tummy treatment or early cellulite. In my 40-60 age group, it can often be used as a refresher instead of a surgical option.

Fairmont TP - Willow Stream Spa

Fraxel is a laser treatment you offer that repairs problems like sun damaged skin and age spots. Can you tell us a bit more about it?
This is a fractionated diode laser that has the benefit of having different treatment strengths, which can be tailored to the patient’s needs. Depending upon the strength chosen, it can have limited downtime and is used on any part of the face and body. Once you have had the treatment, you are not prohibited from going into the sun unlike older ablative laser treatments.

Tell us about some of the other treatments clients swear by.
Our most popular treatment is the radio frequency/ultrasound face and neck lift treatment, which can last two-three years and rejuvenates skin and collagen growth. We have about 25 percent of men as patients using this as they look fresher and no one can tell they have had anything done. It is extremely popular with busy executives!

What should we know about the new BTL X Wave body treatment?
This is the latest one-stop shop treatment for cellulite, stretch marks and skin tightening. It can treat multiple problems in a much shorter time and can also be used in conjunction with most other treatments.

A lot of women are pressed for time these days and often end up taking shortcuts during their daily skin care regime. What are the most essential steps that shouldn’t be skipped?
Always use a cell rejuvenation serum, never forget your SPF and remember to thoroughly cleanse and hydrate your skin at night.

Fairmont TP - Willow Stream Spa

Arabian women are known for their beautiful, youthful-looking skin. What do you put that down to?
Essentially good genes, but they understand that exposure to the sun is not good for their skin and they undertake a good skin care regime from any early age.

You have collaborated with the award-winning Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont The Palm in Dubai. What can guests find there?
Besides the traditional pampering spa treatments, the signature Dr Rakus treatment portfolio includes the award-winning HydraFacial, Exilis Elite for face and body tightening, plus cellulite treatments. We also have the Lymphastim pants for an excellent jet lag and lymph drainage treatment.

Which of your products do you think would be particularly useful for women living in the region?
My SPF (beloved by Melissa Odabash the swimwear designer), which as well as providing sun protection, is an excellent moisturiser with skin rejuvenation properties.

What do you love about the region?
It is progressive, innovative and friendly with excellent service and is especially focused on fashion and beauty.

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