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Take Your Holiday Décor to the Next Level

Holiday decorating is made easy with these pro tips!

Looking for new ways to deck the halls?  Fortunately, Hamdi Ben Yaghlane, Designer and Managing Partner at DND Contemporary Furniture Studio, is here to help by offering holiday home decorating tips and ideas.  From gorgeous winter table settings to adding some festive decorations and flair all around, these ideas are sure to bring cheer to any home.

Hamdi Ben Yaghlane, Designer and Managing Partner of DND Contemporary Furniture Studio

What are some of the most important things to take into consideration when decorating a table for a festive event?
During a festive reception, guests generally tend to spend much of their time seated around dining tables. When they are not dancing or moving through the receiving line, guests will be seated at the table eating, drinking and generally enjoying the company of friends and family. With so much time spent gathered around these dining tables, it is important to create a pleasant and festive tableside atmosphere.

Table centrepieces are one aesthetic way to help create that atmosphere, and give hosts a wonderful opportunity to inject their own personalities into the décor of the reception. There are a couple of things that need to be kept in consideration when choosing table centrepieces. First and foremost is budget, as this will determine options. Guests’ comfort must also be kept in mind, so it is best to avoid centrepieces that take up too much space and steer clear of designs that may obstruct guests’ view of the dance floor or force them to crane their necks to hold conversations across the table.

It is important to make sure that great thought goes into making these areas as attractive as possible. Aside from the centrepieces, other elements such as silverware, favours and table covers should be considered when planning table décor.

Can you give us some ideas for centrepieces?
Festive table centrepieces can take many different forms, from flower arrangements to clusters of mirrors, candles or ornaments. Beautiful fruit baskets and elegantly arranged tea cakes are also some unique options; the only limit is your imagination!

How about lighting?
Preferably, the reception should have a dimmed lighting environment. Candles or tea lights can be included in the centrepieces to create accent lighting at the guests’ table.

What kinds of ornaments and decorative objects can we display at home for an elegant and trendy festive touch?
On each table, small wrapped boxes can be placed (with or without presents inside) in sheet paper and on paper with festive lyrics printed out. From the whimsical and bohemian to the chic and structured, these ideas provide inspiration for press walls, table tops, seating, branding and more. Unfussy floral arrangements, taper candlesticks and other objects lent a bohemian vibe to a long table at the Retreat, which was set with games like dominoes.

Can you tell us some of the big colours and themes for the holiday season?
Consider adding silver as an accent colour to add a sparkle to the ambiance.  Scatter small silver-wrapped gifts throughout the tables pace and bigger ones in corners of the room or under white trees.

Dress your tables in effortless elegance for a dinner party or special event that your guests will never forget. Upgrade your dining table decor by using pops of colour and sparkling patterns. Give your table top detail and interest by using mercury glass accents and gold charger plates for an upscale display that is also subtle in its presentation. Showcase peachy pink flowers in understated centrepiece arrangements, and dapple your table with taper candles and crystal place card holders to finish off this wow-worthy look!

Do you have any décor shopping tips you could share with us? For example what kinds of things can we buy that can be used again and again?
Besides silver cutlery, and colourful ornaments, which can be used to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces, a good CD of classic Jazz is a fantastic element that might not add to the décor but definitely helps the ambiance. Jazz has just the right mix of upbeat and relaxed music to set the mood for any event!

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