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Exploring the Boundaries: Saudi Artist Heba Ismail's Journey into Saudi NFT Art

Heba Ismail, Saudi artist

Saudi artist Heba Ismail presented her artwork at the Outer Edge Innovation Summit in Riyadh last week, marking a significant moment as one of the pioneering Saudi artists delving into the Web3 art sphere. Reflecting on her participation in the summit, she expressed profound gratitude for the opportunity to showcase her paintings on event screens, recognizing it as a momentous honor that extends her reach globally and encourages fellow Saudi and Arab artists to explore the myriad avenues for sharing their art with the world.

Ismail's venture into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represents a strategic exploration of their potential in the context of Saudi art. By aligning herself with Nuqtah, the premier Saudi NFT platform, she aims to go beyond regional borders and engage with audiences on a new and creative platform.

Art has always held a profound significance for Ismail, surpassing simple pastime to represent a lifetime career. Drawing parallels between her professional background in dentistry and her creative process, she finds inspiration in movements such as cubism, fauvism, and surrealism, incorporating a wide range of inspirations and personal experiences into her artwork. Each artwork embodies emotion and vision, often paired with poetry, reflecting her strong ties to Saudi heritage and culture.

Ismail's initial interest in NFTs began around 2021 and sparked an obsession with the technology and its capacity for change. Teaming up with ChainVisory, a blockchain consultancy firm, she introduced her Hebaism brand, blending NFTs with original paintings for a unique fusion of digital and physical assets. This new method lets her keep traditional painting authentic while also embracing the possibilities of NFTs, bringing together old and new in a dynamic way.

For Ismail, this journey has been both enlightening and empowering, affording her a glimpse into the future of art and fostering connections within the vibrant Web3 community. She harbors aspirations of inspiring fellow artists in the region to explore new frontiers of artistic expression, aiming to elevate Saudi art onto the global stage and leave an indelible mark on every artistic platform she encounters. As a female Saudi artist, she sees herself as a trailblazer, determined to carve out a space for Saudi art in the global artistic landscape.

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