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Merwas: Transforming Saudi Arabia's Music Landscape and Empowering Local Creatives

Saudi Arabia's music scene is expanding rapidly, with Merwas emerging as a key cornerstone, hailed globally as the epicenter of art and entertainment. It is a haven for artists, boasting the Guinness World Record for the largest music production studio. According to co-founder and CEO Nada Al-Tuwaijri, Merwas's strategy is centered around investing in talent and infrastructure while providing all-inclusive solutions via its affiliates. The main objective is to be a catalyst for local talent, helping them to take the world by storm and make a lasting impression on the industry.

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Situated on Boulevard Riyadh City, the sprawling entertainment zone and audiovisual production studio encompass 22 main studios and an academy, drawing a host of well-known musicians since its establishment in 2022. Notable visitors include DJ Khaled, the esteemed Saudi vocalist Rabeh Saqer, and the Emirati sensation Ahlam. Merwas has also played host to Afrojack, who spearheaded an electronic music boot camp aimed at fostering regional talent and igniting a new era of Saudi artists.

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Encompassing around 5,000 square metres, Merwas provides an atmosphere that is ideal for artistic expression and teamwork, together with first-rate amenities and services to assist artists in their pursuits. The Earth Sound Studio (ESS), dedicated to the memory of the late Saudi composer Talal Maddah, boasts cutting-edge technology like the SSL console, ensuring the authenticity of artists' voices while providing an unparalleled recording experience. Similarly, the Neve Studio houses one of only five Neve consoles globally, renowned for its superior sound quality, ideal for music recording and mixing.

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Merwas caters to diverse musical genres with specialized spaces such as the EMP Suite tailored for electronic music production and three production suites for content creators. Private rehearsal spaces are also available to nurture Saudi talents, providing a comfortable environment for artistic refinement. Moreover, the studio's Band Live/Control Room captures the essence of live performances, while dedicated podcast and FM radio recording spaces cater to audiovisual pursuits.

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The studio's commitment to education is evident through its Academy Classes, offering local creatives access to expert instruction in sound production and technical programs. Merwas also facilitates workshops and community events to foster the growth of the local music industry, attracting international talent and enriching Saudi culture.

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In partnership with the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, Merwas champions the rights of local creatives, contributing to the Kingdom's cultural enrichment and fostering a supportive ecosystem for artists.

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Leading the entertainment sector in the Middle East and North Africa, Merwas is a shining example of a novel approach in music creation and community development that has crossed boundaries to become a source of inspiration and creativity.

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