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Saudi Fashion Maven Manal Marvelous is Empowering Fashion Creativity Beyond Social Media

Manal Marvelous, a Saudi content creator focusing on fashion and lifestyle, stumbled upon her passion for design and sewing during her university years. Initially, it was an unexpected turn of events that led her to take a semester of fashion classes. However, instead of merely fulfilling a requirement, she found herself captivated by the world of fashion and never looked back.

Her journey as a content creator began as she started sharing her creations on social media platforms. Marvelous's audience consists mainly of young women with similar interests, either already passionate about fashion or inspired to embark on their own creative journeys by her content.

Through platforms like TikTok, where she has amassed a significant following, Marvelous showcases her design process and sewing techniques, drawing millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers. She finds joy in the transformative power of fashion, seeing how a simple piece of fabric can become a work of art through cutting and stitching. Beyond social media, Marvelous extends her support to emerging fashion designers, offering guidance and encouragement through her YouTube channel. She emphasizes the importance of staying true to one's unique style and voice while navigating the world of content creation.

Despite her success, Marvelous acknowledges the challenges of dealing with negativity on social media, particularly cyberbullying. Her approach is to focus on constructive criticism while ignoring malicious comments aimed at causing harm.

Marvelous envisions a thriving fashion scene in Saudi Arabia, highlighting the talent and creativity of local designers. She advocates for more opportunities and events to showcase their work on both national and international platforms. She credits organizations like the Fashion Commission for their support in nurturing emerging talent within the Saudi fashion industry. Her advice to aspiring designers is to dream big and embrace their uniqueness, emphasizing that there is room for everyone in the industry.

For those aspiring to follow in her footsteps as fashion content creators, Marvelous stresses the importance of authenticity and consistency. Rather than imitating others, she encourages creators to stay true to themselves and maintain a regular posting schedule that aligns with their personal style and content.

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