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Women Breaking Boundaries: Advancement and Excellence in Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia are advancing in leaps and strides across diverse fields. One prominent individual serves on the Academic Advisory Board of the International Anti-Corruption Academy, demonstrating a commitment to public service. Another thrives as a Technical Lead Engineer at Boeing Saudi Arabia, excelling in computer science and information technology. Meanwhile, the Head of Communication cultivates opportunities, demonstrating determination and talent in the professional realm.

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Areej Al-Johani, A Participant on the Academic Advisory Board of the International Anti-Corruption Academy

Areej Al-Johani, a notable figure in the Saudi government, appointed to the International Academic Advisory Board of the International Anti-Corruption Academy until 2030, highlights her dedication to public service. Currently, as Director of Policies, Awareness, and Training at the Ministry of Defense, she brings expertise in leadership and policy formulation. Previous roles include Deputy Health Minister’s Human Resources Counselor and Director-General at the Ministry. Noteworthy achievements include certification as an internal assessor and leading quality teams. Al-Johani, with degrees from King Saud University and the University of South Wales, has received prestigious awards for her contributions. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her extensive participation in local and international training programs.

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Amani Alonazi, Technical Lead Engineer at Boeing Saudi Arabia

Amani Alonazi, Boeing's technical lead AI scientist in Saudi Arabia, has spearheaded AI and ML projects in the Middle East, Turkiye, and Africa since 2022. She focuses on AI solutions for aerospace safety, giving autonomous systems the ability to understand their surroundings. Previously, Alonazi collaborated on graph convolutional networks and vision for automation research at King Abdullah University. An active member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, she held leadership roles in student unions. Alonazi's achievements include winning the 2017 Asia High-Performance Computing Best Research Award. With a Ph.D. from King Abdullah University and multiple master's degrees, she excels in computer science and information technology.

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Zaina Al-Hejin, Head of Communication at Boeing Saudi Arabia

Al-Hejin oversees Boeing’s strategic communication and global engagement in Saudi Arabia since May 2023, previously serving as associate director for government relations. She advances Boeing's community support and partnership initiatives, fostering new opportunities. Beyond Boeing, she managed projects at the Misk Foundation, linking talent with education, and at the Ministry of Labour, shaping business plans. She holds a Project Management Institute certification and conducted research at King Abdulaziz Medical City. Al-Hejin earned a bachelor’s in business administration from Baruch College and a master’s in information technology, management, and organizational change from Lancaster University, where she completed a doctorate in work, organization, and technology in 2013.

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