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Manga Arabia's Ambitious Partnership Aimed at Broadening the Horizons of Saudi literature

Manga Arabia has announced an ambitious project to turn five Saudi works into compelling comic stories in partnership with the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission.

This month, Manga Arabia Youth magazine introduces "Drawing Nothingness" by Ashraf Al-Faqih, marking the first publication of this creative endeavor. Following suit, "The Voyagers" by Kendah Jambi, "Crossing Thoughts" by Sultan Ayaz, "The Awsaj" by Al-Jawhara Al-Rimal, and Ghada Al-Marzouqi’s "I Live My Memories Upside Down" are slated for publication in both print and digital formats of Manga Arabia magazine.

The CEO of the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission, Mohammed Alwan, praised the project for enhancing Saudi Arabia's creative and literary scene and emphasized its significance in accurately presenting cultural tales to a worldwide audience. He expressed a commitment to fostering international competitiveness in the realm of literature.

The chief editor of Manga Arabia, Issam Bukhari, underscored the project's significance in promoting Saudi literature and bolstering its cultural prominence. Authors involved in the project enthusiastically praised the initiative for its aim to modernize content delivery and reach wider audiences.

Sultan Ayaz reflected on his decade-long aspiration, expressing pride in being selected for the project. Kendah Jambi shared similar sentiments, appreciating Manga Arabia's alignment with his vision of his work as a manga product.

This collaboration between the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission and Manga Arabia signifies a concerted effort to invigorate the publishing sector and build a long-term enterprise. Central to their goals are the advancement of literature, publishing, and translation sectors, as well as the nurturing of creativity and imagination.

Regarded as a cultural milestone, this initiative broadens the way Saudi literature is presented while highlighting the Kingdom's advancements in artistic expression. It symbolizes a leap forward in spotlighting Saudi narratives through an array of mediums, enhancing the conversation about literature around the world.

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