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Tashkeela: Bridging Creativity, Connections, and Diversity in Saudi Arabia's Fashion Scene

At present, the Tashkeela exhibition is taking place at the Riyadh Front Exhibition Center, organized by Saudi 100 Brands. This showcase highlights 160 local fashion brands alongside designers from the Arab region and beyond. Following the remarkable success of its debut last year, which attracted 22,000 visitors over four days, the second edition of Tashkeela aims to broaden its reach by incorporating not just Saudi designers but also talents from diverse Arab and international backgrounds.

Running from March 16 to 19, the event is organized by the Saudi Fashion Commission, headed by CEO Burak Cakmak. Cakmak expressed that Tashkeela aims to introduce guests with a wide range of brands, encompassing accessories, handbags, footwear, jewelry, and fragrances, extending beyond the confines of the Saudi 100 Brands initiative. With nearly 200 brands participating, the exhibition serves as a platform for discovery, fostering growth in the retail landscape of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi 100 Brands program, initiated in 2021, provides ongoing training and support to Saudi fashion designers, empowering them to thrive and establish themselves as successful brands, through initiatives like Tashkeela, which travels to major fashion weeks worldwide. Cakmak emphasized the importance of expanding retail opportunities in the country, facilitating transactions within Saudi Arabia, and supporting the growth of local brands.

Tashkeela provides a conducive environment for interactions between brands and customers, fostering connections and facilitating sales. Many participating brands lack standalone stores, making events like Tashkeela crucial for engaging directly with consumers. Cakmak highlighted the significance of building lasting relationships with customers beyond the exhibition, utilizing platforms like social media and WhatsApp for continued communication.

Among the exhibitors is Torba Studio, debuting a collection inspired by the tales of "One Thousand and One Nights." Co-founder Nazek Al-Khulaifi underscored the importance of designing for occasions like Ramadan and Eid, reflecting the cultural significance for Muslims.

NS by Noof, a Bahrain handbag brand known for its geometric designs, showcased pieces inspired by Andalusian architecture and Ramadan traditions. Founder Noof Al-Shekar noted the alignment of her brand with the Saudi market's inclination toward unique and luxurious fashion choices.

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