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Designers Drop New Collections for Ramadan 2024

Leading fashion houses have launched new Ramadan collections, featuring vibrant colors, sustainable practices, and symbolic accents, showcasing a blend of creativity and cultural relevance. Explore!

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Egyptian designer Maha Abdul Rasheed unveils her diverse collection this Ramadan, featuring traditional kaftans and abayas alongside modest plisse sets in sky blue and mint green. Catering to various tastes, she offers fabrics ranging from luxurious silks to breathable cottons, and a versatile color palette spanning soft pastels to bold shades like orange and maroon.

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Stepping away from traditional abayas and kaftans, the US luxury fashion brand's Ramadan collection features their iconic Tabby bag and Willow shoulder bag alongside new footwear styles. Available in various colors, the bags include cream white, pastel yellow, jet black, denim blue, beige, and khaki. The campaign highlights Saudi DJ Cosmicat, Saudi footballer Farah Jefry, and fashion upcycler Salima Alaoui in Coach's inaugural Ramadan campaign.

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CH Carolina Herrera

This label’s Ramadan campaign stars Australian-Lebanese model Jessica Kahawaty and showcases a curated selection of modest wear, blending unique patterns and lively colors. Kahawaty flaunts various outfits, from a stunning red chiffon dress with a statement bow to colorful jumpsuits and satin ensembles. Additionally, the edit includes CH handbags featuring gold-plated clasps inspired by the brand's 35th anniversary bracelet.

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Dima Ayad

The Ramadan 2024 collection by the Lebanese designer displays an enchanting mix of vivid colors and fabric choices, incorporating contrasting tones, sequins, and metallic accents across 19 diverse outfits, including dresses, kaftans, and kimonos.

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The Saudi designer, introduces "Suhail," her eagerly awaited Ramadan 2024 capsule collection, inspired by the Canopus star, symbolizing renewal and transformation. Canopus, revered in Arab culture for navigation and spirituality, influences Honayda's fusion of intricate delicacy and striking monochromatic designs.

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The latest Ramadan collection by the Saudi fashion label blends classic and modern styles with elegant shapes, vibrant palettes, and premium fabrics, creating a distinct fusion. This capsule range encompasses abayas, kaftans, and coordinated ensembles, decorated with embroidered accents, Najdi-inspired motifs, tassels, and geometric designs.

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Stella McCartney

The British fashion designer unveils the "Rose Capsule" collection for Ramadan, drawing inspiration from the rose's symbolism in Islam. The line blends modesty with modernity, featuring ready-to-wear pieces and vegan accessories crafted from upcycled fabrics. Monogrammed with S-Wave symbols, adorned with lead-free crystal panels, and handcrafted by Italian artisans.

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