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American Model Taylor Hill Stars in Laverne's Ramadan Campaign: Embracing Saudi Tradition and Culture

American model Taylor Hill appears in a new Ramadan campaign by the Saudi perfume brand Laverne, dressed traditionally in Saudi Arabian attire and speaks Arabic with ease. Her ensemble includes a stylish black turtleneck dress paired with a lavish, multi-layered gold necklace, a matching headpiece, and ornate bangles. Completing her look is a rose gold cape gracefully draped over her shoulders. In a captivating video shared on the brand’s Instagram page, Hill shares her sentiments, expressing the profound empowerment she feels wearing the Saudi traditional outfit. She articulates feeling regal and exceptionally beautiful, punctuating her speech with Arabic greetings such as "marhaba" and "as-salamu alaykum," while conveying gratitude with "shokran" (thank you). She further emphasizes her admiration for the Saudi culture by exclaiming "yejanin," signifying amazement.

Hill's association with Laverne extends to endorsing the brand's La’Dor Bakhur perfume, a role she embraces passionately. In the promotional video, she shares her passion for fragrances, seeking scents suitable for everyday wear yet distinctive enough to leave a lasting impression. She relishes the notion of her fragrance becoming synonymous with her presence, leaving an indelible mark wherever she goes.

Laverne's choice of ambassadors reflects its commitment to diversity and inclusion, as evidenced by its previous collaboration with Argentine model Georgina Rodriguez. Rodriguez, who resides in Riyadh with her partner, renowned footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, praises Saudi Arabia for its safety and family values. She marvels at the enchantment of the Saudi desert, describing it as a place full of power and magic.

Rodriguez's recent appearance at a Laverne event in Riyadh further underscores the brand's global appeal. The Netflix star, known for her reality show "I Am Georgina," takes over the brand's Snapchat account, offering followers an exclusive peek into the event. Clad in an elegant off-the-shoulder white dress paired with a flowing green abaya, Rodriguez exudes sophistication. Throughout the event, she mingles with influential personalities like Kuwaiti entrepreneur Fouz Al-Fahad, embodying the brand's ethos of elegance and cultural appreciation.

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