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Lebanon's Yasmina Zaytoun's Historic Milestone: Elevating Arab Women's Voices on the Miss World Stage

At the recent 2024 Miss World ceremony held last Saturday in Mumbai, Krystyna Pyszkova from the Czech Republic was crowned Miss World. Lebanon's Yasmina Zaytoun, the newly crowned Miss World Asia and first runner-up expressed profound joy at the outcome of her relentless efforts. Emanating enthusiasm, Zaytoun sees her achievement as a testament to her dedication. As Miss World Asia, she embarks on a journey across various nations alongside fellow continental winners, including Krystyna Pyszkova, and others like Miss World Oceana Kristena Wright, Miss World Africa Lesego Chombo, Miss World Europe Jessica Ashley, Miss World Americas Leticia Frota and Miss World Caribbean Ache Abrahams.


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Speaking from Mauritius, where the Miss World organization is currently based, Zaytoun shares her heartfelt sentiments about representing Lebanon. For her, the ultimate reward lies in uplifting her homeland and amplifying the voices of the vulnerable. She takes pride in addressing pressing issues like the Beirut blast, women's and children's rights, and ongoing conflicts, emphasizing her commitment to her people and Arab women.

Zaytoun underscores the historical significance of her achievement as the first Arab woman to clinch the Miss World first runner-up title. Despite her exhilarating win, she acknowledges the importance of patience in the pursuit of victory, drawing from her Miss World journey's rich experiences. Hailing from Kfarchouba in southern Lebanon, she pledges to continue honoring her country with pride.

“I met so many empowering and inspiring women from all around the world and had the opportunity to be with them, to talk with them, to share so many stories with them. And I will continue doing what I started: making Lebanon proud,” she said.

When Zaytoun reflects on her time as Miss World, she confesses that it was difficult to maintain her composure in the face of challenging situations. Nonetheless, she came out strong, thanks to her inner strength, especially during the final competition.

Addressing aspiring beauty pageant contestants worldwide, Zaytoun dispels misconceptions about superficiality, stressing the deep inner strength and purpose necessary for such pursuits. She urges young women to confidently embrace their true selves, nurturing all aspects of their personalities to face challenges with strength and self-assurance.

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