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Annual Flag Day Celebrations: Saudi Arabia Honors National Emblem Tradition

Monday witnessed the jubilant commemoration of Saudi Flag Day, a tradition inaugurated by King Salman last year on March 11th to annually honor the national emblem of the Kingdom. This symbolic green flag, featuring the Islamic creed, known as the "shahada," above a sword, serves as a poignant representation of Saudi identity and values.

Among those extending felicitations to King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense, was Saudi Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khateeb. Al-Khateeb underscored the emblem's significance, highlighting its embodiment of unity, resilience, justice, and progress.

Emphasizing the flag's symbolism of national aspirations, Al-Khateeb portrayed it as a narrative of homeland, leadership ambition, and a thriving populace. He conveyed his gratitude for the progress and prosperity of the country, invoking prayers for its security, stability, and the welfare of its citizens and leaders.

Throughout the Kingdom, streets and squares were adorned with flags in celebration, while government edifices and public institutions, including missions abroad, proudly hoisted the national emblem. Educational institutions, both public and private, joined in the festivities, reinforcing a sense of patriotic belonging and honoring the Kingdom's rich heritage.

The green Saudi flag bears the “shahada,” the declaration of Muslim faith, inscribed above the sword.

Reflecting on the historical significance of Saudi Flag Day, Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Yousef, Chairman of the Administrative Judiciary Council and President of the Board of Grievances, highlighted its association with the country's founding and the adoption of its emblem. He praised the country's trajectory of growth, prosperity, and hopes for the future, all of which are firmly anchored in the heritage of flag adoption and national unification.

Governors of various regions and government entities across the Kingdom also conveyed their congratulations to the leadership on this auspicious occasion. The evolution of the Saudi flag, from its inception with a green field and white stripe bearing the shahada, to the modern design featuring the emblematic sword, signifies a visual narrative of the nation's growth and continuity.

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