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Project Masam Marks International Women’s Day in Riyadh, Uniting Against Landmines and Championing Women's Societal Contributions

Saudi Arabia's government and private sector organizations held several events to commemorate International Women's Day, and both official and private websites featured an overview of the nation's female citizens' accomplishments.

Project Masam, a Saudi initiative dedicated to demining efforts in Yemen, marked International Women’s Day with a dinner banquet in Riyadh, celebrating the contributions of women to Saudi society. Among the attendees were prominent figures like Princess Haifa Al-Faisal, known for her work with the Zahra Breast Cancer Association, Ghadha Al-Fahad, a respected journalist from Al Arabiya, and Zafran Zaid, a consultant with the Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights.

The dinner provided a platform for discussions on the indispensable role of women in Saudi society, emphasizing their influence not only within families but also across various community spheres. The attendees also lauded the ongoing women's empowerment initiatives in Saudi Arabia, spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which has achieved unprecedented advancements for women in the country.

Sumayah Al-Mahmoud, the director of public relations and media affairs officer at Project Masam, highlighted the pivotal role of women in societal rejuvenation, stating that women constitute the bedrock of families and societies. She highlighted the significance of empowering women, emphasizing that their inclusion fosters a more conscious and capable society, essential for societal advancement.

The evening also featured discussions on Project Masam's humanitarian endeavors in clearing landmines in Yemen. Since 2018, the initiative has successfully cleared over 55 million square meters of Yemeni land, encompassing residential and agricultural zones, villages, educational facilities, and roads. A remarkable achievement, the project has eliminated a total of 434,576 mines, including both explosives and unexploded ordnance. As the conversation unfolded, it underscored the dual commitment of Project Masam – not only in safeguarding communities from the immediate threat of landmines but also in recognizing and promoting the vital contributions of women to societal progress and development.

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