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Bohemia Art Cafe and Records Expands to Riyadh's The Warehouse

Bohemia Art Cafe and Records, originally based in Alkhobar, has expanded its reach with the inauguration of a new establishment at The Warehouse in the heart of Riyadh. This latest venue offers patrons the opportunity to savor specialty coffee, peruse a selection of vinyl records, and immerse themselves in live music performances.

At the end of a row of warehouses, this stand-alone record shop and cultural music enclave is tucked away amid the picturesque rocky terrain that defines the old Diriyah district. While slightly smaller in scale compared to its Alkhobar counterpart, the cafe exudes a distinctive atmosphere that sets it apart.


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Bohemia Art Cafe was founded in 2018 in Alkhobar and was the idea of Fawaz Alsulaim and Mansour Alhmaid, who became friends while attending university in the UK. It has evolved into a haven for both its founders and clientele seeking solace in the realm of music.

Alhmaid, hailing from Riyadh, underscores the significance of the new Riyadh location, noting the broader clientele base and diverse musical preferences prevalent in the capital. Despite relying heavily on social media for clientele engagement, the arrival of numerous enthusiasts from the Alkhobar branch reaffirms the establishment's appeal.

The establishment of the second branch represents a long-anticipated milestone for Bohemia Art Cafe, synonymous with fostering creativity in Alkhobar and nurturing Saudi talent. Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, expansion plans were temporarily shelved, only to be resurrected when circumstances allowed.

Central to the ethos of Bohemia Art Cafe is the cultivation of a platform for local talent to thrive, exemplified through initiatives like open-mic events. This inclusive approach embodies the cafe's commitment to nurturing artistic expression. Both branches support new talent and provide a space for local artists to thrive. Strategic partnerships, such as the one with The Warehouse, further bolster Bohemia's mission to provide a platform for creative expression.

As Bohemia Art Cafe continues to expand its footprint, with plans including a branch in Jeddah, its founders remain steadfast in their commitment to spreading joy and fostering artistic endeavors. Whether in Riyadh, Alkhobar, or beyond, Bohemia Art Cafe aspires to be synonymous with happiness, providing a sanctuary for artistic souls to thrive and connect.

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