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Diriyah Company Proudly Sponsors the Arab Women of the Year Awards

Diriyah Company proudly announced its sponsorship of the prestigious Arab Women of the Year Awards 2024. Organized by the London Arabia Organization, the sponsorship of the awards reflected Diriyah's commitment to empowering women globally and fostering collaboration between the UK and the Arab world. The Arab Women of the Year Awards, held from February 27-29 in London, was a significant event in recognizing the achievements of Arab women and promoting their empowerment.

The event was hosted in conjunction with the first-ever Arab Woman's Summit, bringing together attendees through a series of panels, open conversations, interactive sessions, and cultural workshops. This transformative event was dedicated to empowering women globally by establishing a platform for innovative voices on the frontlines of progress to address unprecedented challenges and shape a brighter future.

With over 300 attendees, the Arab Women Summit created an engaging experience that fostered connections, unlocked new thinking, and built a strong community among Arab and British guests. An exclusive gallery showcased works by Arab women artists, portraying the diversity of Arab culture, adding a new element to the Summit.

Diriyah's Chief Marketing Officer, Kiran Haslam, delivered a presentation on 'How Brands are Driving Progress, Empowering Women, and Preserving Culture' in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, he added “We are proud to sponsor The Arab Women of the Year Awards and celebrate the remarkable achievements of Arab women. As the Birthplace of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Diriyah has a depth of history that resonates perfectly with the event, and our presence here reflects our commitment to empower the women within our Diriyah community and around the world, helping them reach their full potential. Through our endorsement of events such as this one, we aim to inspire Saudi women and provide them with the tools and opportunities to achieve their true potential. This dedication aligns with our vision of promoting a dynamic and inclusive society, in line with the objectives of Vision 2030”.

Diriyah Company is committed to building and promoting an inclusive work culture by creating opportunities for local Saudi talent, especially women. The company's strategy to empower the local community is evident in the fact that nearly 85% of staff are Saudi, with 14% being residents of Diriyah, and 36% of the total employees are women, and most importantly, 16% of those women hold management roles within the organization.

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