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Under the Abaya Celebrates Female Entrepreneurship with a Special Collaboration of Local Female-Owned Businesses

In celebration of International Women's Day, Under the Abaya has brought together a group of remarkable female entrepreneurs from various industries and backgrounds to offer consumers unique gifting packages for the month of Ramadan. The Saudi female entrepreneurs include Alia Abudawood of Stems floral boutique, Lillian Ismail of Lillian Ismail Jewelry, Tamara Tayeb of Sucre Sale, Dania Shinkar of her luxury bag brand Dania Shinkar, and Sara Murad of the fragrance brand By Sara Murad. This collaboration aims to highlight the significant role of female entrepreneurs in shaping the future of business and to build a supportive community that values creativity, perseverance, and empowerment.

By harnessing individual strengths and leveraging their collective influence, these remarkable women are poised to break new ground, challenge the status quo, and inspire others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. The campaign will launch on Ramadan 1st and last throughout Eid, allowing consumers to purchase these gifting packages on

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Marriam Mossalli, the visionary founder of Under the Abaya, commented, "This collaborative effort not only highlights the exceptional ambitions of these women but also serves as a catalyst for meaningful change, signaling a shift towards a more inclusive and dynamic business environment."

Alia Abudawood of Stems shared her enthusiasm, stating, "By uniting with other female entrepreneurs, we can achieve more and amplify our voices in a powerful way."

As part of their shared vision, these forward-thinking entrepreneurs are gearing up to unveil an array of initiatives, including joint product launches, and networking events designed to empower the next generation of female leaders.

Through this collective union, these trailblazing women are not just magnifying their impact but rewriting the narrative of entrepreneurship, demonstrating that success can be a collaborative effort, not simply a competitive one.

Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in these exclusive gifting packages during Ramadan and Eid on

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Under the Abaya was founded in 2020 with a series of talks by Marriam Mossalli in Through a collaboration between the Middle East Institute, Ithra Foundation, and the author, the project evolved into a coffee-table book titled "Under The Abaya: Street Style From Saudi Arabia." This groundbreaking book, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, aims to portray the unique individuality of Saudi women while celebrating their cultural identity. Beyond fashion, the book sheds light on the presence of progressive Saudi women previously unknown to the world.

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Alia Abudawood is the founder and owner of STEMS, a floral boutique that merges floristry and design to create captivating and unique floral arrangements. Inspired by the organic shapes and textures of flowers combined with modern trends, STEMS' skilled team of florists crafts distinctive and artfully arranged blooms sourced from various countries. Their creations bring a contemporary aesthetic to any space, elevating it with sophistication and beauty.

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Lillian Ismail is a Saudi entrepreneur and the owner of a renowned jewelry line known for its craftsmanship and historical artistry. Founded in 2013 by designer Lillian Ismail, the brand seeks to immortalize and raise awareness of significant historical moments through artistic expression. Their designs blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics, offering exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

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Saudi entrepreneur Dania Shinkar established her brand DANIA SHINKAR in 2020. It is a contemporary and sustainable bag brand with origins in Saudi Arabia and Ireland. Focused on innovative design, the brand aims to create unique statement pieces in limited quantities, distinguishing themselves from mass-produced fashion. Their designs feature unexpected details that invite closer inspection, prioritizing sustainability in production methods.

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Sara Murad, a Saudi entrepreneur, joins the collaboration with her fragrance brand originating from Saudi Arabia. Crafted meticulously, her remarkable fragrance is designed to instill a sense of empowerment and self-assurance in the wearer. The inaugural fragrance, "Black Oud," embodies a distinctive and enduring aroma that encapsulates Sara Murad's personal and professional journey, aiming to create an empowering scent radiating strength and confidence.

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Sucre Sale
Tamara Tayeb, a Saudi entrepreneur, is also part of the collaboration with her brand Sucré Salé, offering delightful sweet creations. Committed to excellence in taste and quality, Sucré Salé endeavors to provide an unforgettable experience for all dessert enthusiasts.

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