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Shaikha Noor Bint Rashid Al Khalifa Awarded Prestigious Arab Women of the Year 2024 Award for ‘Achievement in Creativity’

Shaikha Noor Bint Rashid Al Khalifa, President of Noor Enterprises Holding and Founder, Designer and CEO of Noon By Noor, on Thursday received the prestigious Arab Women of The Year 2024 award for ‘Achievement in Creativity’, marking the historic achievement as the first-ever recipient in this esteemed category.

Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa established Noon By Noor in 2008, a luxury womenswear brand that seamlessly combines Eastern and Western aesthetics while honoring Bahraini heritage. Noon By Noor has gained international acclaim, showcasing at New York Fashion Week and now at London Fashion Week.

As a visionary leader at Noor Enterprises, Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa's efforts promote Bahrain's creative prowess on a global scale as she oversees the creative direction of luxury retail, hospitality and real estate projects.

"I am deeply humbled and honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa. "The journey of creative design is paved with challenges and breaking through this industry as an Arab woman makes every milestone that much more spectacular.”

The Arab Women's Awards, an esteemed event that honors the accomplishments of Arab women from various fields, provides a platform for women to showcase their talent, leadership, and contribution to society.

This year's Arab Women of the Year Awards was held in conjunction with the inaugural Arab Women's Summit at the Lancaster House, marking a historic moment in the mission to empower Arab women globally. Organized by London Arabia, the summit aims to bridge the gap between the UK and the Arab world, bringing together hundreds of luminaries from both regions.

About Noon by Noor:
Noon By Noor’s modern aesthetic and ethos fuses understated luxury with a sense of self-assured femininity. Relaxed silhouettes and intricate details combine with a deep appreciation of masculine dress codes, to create signature pieces: a perfectly tailored blazer and oversized shirt, fundamentals that continue to define the designers’ vision.

Noon By Noor’s design philosophy lies in true artistry with a subtle hand, where timeless wearable pieces are constructed and adorned with exquisite details. Precise yet relaxed crisp-cotton shirts that riff on masculine codes are worn under immaculately structured tailoring and paired with impeccably cut trousers. The brand sources the very finest quality fabrics and materials – understated yet truly luxurious, as embodied by delicate, cobweb-like knits – providing a tactile wearability, best appreciated in hand.

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