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Revolutionizing Arabic Cinema: AI-Powered Marvel, Nayla Al Khaja's 'THREE,' Sets a Bold New Standard

from left to right: Executive Producer of THREE, Muna Easa Al Gurg (left), Noura Al Kaabi (middle), and Nayla Al Khaja (right).

‘THREE’, originally produced in English and Arabic, has been reimagined through the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, preserving the original voices of the actors to enhance the authenticity of the storyline. This innovative approach sets a new standard in cinematic translation and storytelling.

Still running strong in cinemas during its 5th week in the UAE and Egypt, the film has received critical acclaim and a strong audience presence. Leveraging this success, VOX Distribution took the initiative to partner with Nayla Al Khaja to release the film in Mandarin. Overseen by Dongying Wang, the translation process was meticulously executed, ensuring a seamless transition for audiences.

'THREE' unfolds in the bustling suburbs of a modern-day Middle Eastern city, where a young boy named Ahmed begins exhibiting strange behavior, eventually leading his mother, Maryam, to believe he has mental health issues. As the plot intensifies; Maryam races against time, seeking the help of a Western Doctor, medical professionals, and ultimately an infamous healer, all to save her son. The movie explores themes of mental health, coming of age, and superstitions.

The independent feature was shot in both Bangkok and the UAE over a period of 24 days. This film is produced by Nayla Al Khaja, Daniel Zirilli, Jean-Charles Levy and Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki. Serving as Executive Producers are Muna Easa Al Gurg, Jefferson Hall, Siddharth Thakker, Rasik Thakker and Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki.

This landmark release serves not only as an entertainment event but also as a groundbreaking case study. By leveraging AI technology to bridge cultural and linguistic divides, Nayla Al Khaja Films, Dark Dunes Productions and Camb AI are pioneering a new era of global cinema. The reception and feedback from this release will provide invaluable insights into audience reactions to AI-enhanced films, paving the way for future endeavors in diverse markets and languages.

Nayla Al Khaja, acclaimed filmmaker and visionary behind ‘THREE’ expressed her excitement about this historic collaboration: "Bringing 'THREE' to Mandarin-speaking audiences using AI technology is a testament to the power of innovation in storytelling. We are thrilled to partner with Camb AI and VOX Distribution to explore new frontiers in cinema."

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