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Empowering Saudi Women Entrepreneurs: Celebrating Local Talents on International Women's Day

From exquisite shops to innovative ventures, these diverse entrepreneurs are shaping our world with their unique concepts and stories. Support them now!

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Aseel Collection

Aseel Collection, founded by Aseel and Suha Al Zamil, has emerged as a leading women-run brand in Saudi Arabia, available at top retailers like Harvey Nichols and Chique La Boutique. They specialize in contemporary conservative attire including exquisite abayas.

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Buttermilk, led by Saudi sisters Abeer, Latifah, and Anoud Abdullah Saad Al Saud and their cousin Sara Abdullah Faisal Al Saud, is a renowned women-led venture in Saudi Arabia. It offers unforgettable culinary experiences with traditional Southern American cuisine in a charming space.

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Homegrown Market

Homegrown Market, led by fashion enthusiast Tamara Abukhadra, is the place to go to see the newest creations from regional Arab designers. Originally a trial project, it now showcases brands like Kees Chic, LaSuna, and SemSem, supporting Saudi designers' passion and skill.

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Mona Mosly

Saudi chef Mona Mosly, who trained in Switzerland and Le Cordon Bleu in London, judged and hosted MBC’s Top Chef. She elevated VOX GOLD cinema dining with innovative dishes like kibbeh nachos and chicken bao.

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MZN Body Care

MZN Bodycare, founded by Muzon Ashgar, is a Saudi brand offering affordable, high-quality natural body care products. Launched in 2016, it supports female entrepreneurship and is available at stores like Whites.

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Oishii Sushi

In 2013, Khulood Olaqi started a Saudi sushi brand at university. Self-taught with YouTube and Cordon Bleu, she opened Oishii Sushi in 2018, serving diverse dishes in As Sahafah.

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Pattern, a female-owned Saudi business in As Sulaimaniyah, offers trendy art, fashion, home, and lifestyle products from local brands like Try Claw, Not Boring, Real Self, Things by Haa, and more.

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Plenty, owned by Saudi philanthropist Ameera Al Taweel, stands out as a diverse women-led business in Saudi Arabia. It features dining, shopping, beauty, and grooming services, hosting brands like Gokasakana, Noise, and Linen Pot.

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Co-founded by Hadeel and Hissa Al Motawa along with Nada Al Qasabi, Takya offers a culinary journey through Saudi Arabia's provinces. Located at Bujairi Terrace, it serves shareable dishes with scenic views of Turaif.

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The Styling Co

Muneera Bubshait, founder of The Styling Co. in Khobar, elevates her styling passion into a leading women-run business. The agency offers workshops and consultations to help brands reach their audience.

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Nazek Alkhulaifi and Sara AlAmmel's TorbaStudio combines modest fashion with contemporary flair. You can find it at Personage TorbaStudio, a cutting-edge concept store, and online at TorbaSpace.

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Villa Mamas

Villa Mamas, envisioned as an enhanced version of founder Roaya Saleh's home, offers guests nourishing meals with fresh, organic ingredients.

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